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Aeons I searched for my Beloved,

In the solitude of Siani.

Centuries I called the names,

Oceans my eyes wept…

When my voice left me,

My hands and feet too heavy,

I stopped summoning the old God.

I put on a cloth of darkness,

Wondered aimless in eternal night.

Between statues of dust and light,

Guarded by golden peacocks throned…

An old man with lost eyes.

-Take a seat, my dear friend,

Long you travelled and you shall rest.

Allow me to feed your heart and soul,

With an ancient forgotten song.

When the sun would light the night,

And the moon be high at noon,

Was a place that no one knew,

A prison made of sapphire.

All your dreams would come true,

Some thought was paradise.

However, after eternities… you realise…

You’re chained to your existence,

For there is nothing you had not done.

Some drink the elixir of forgetfulness,

And rejoin the childish game.

Others read the books of Babel,

Tring to find an escape.

When there was no drop left in the ocean,

Or fruit’s taste I haven’t swept.

I saw there was no way out,

Only in.

I vailed my eyes,

Covered my ears,

Sent myself in exile…


… you trespassed my paradise…

Photo by Thomas Vuillemin on Unsplash




Poetry for Millennials. Read Poetry, Quench Your Angst

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Alexandra Ciausescu

Alexandra Ciausescu

Writer with the soul of a poet. I'm trying not to take myself too serious. Deeply grateful that I can share my thoughts & emotions with you.

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