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Millennial Poets

The Pumpkin Patch Poem

Pretty thing, why don’t you ask,
Your favorite ghost to the pumpkin patch?
I’ll make you laugh
And scratch your back
As we run through rows
At the pumpkin patch.

Take a second, try something bold,
And kiss me warm in the October cold.
We’ll sell our souls
For secrets untold
As we chase black cats
Under a sky of gold.

I’m so cute, why don’t you see,
That the one to ask is little old me?
I’ll serve you treats
On a mountain of leaves
As we escape to the woods
Of a cool autumn eve.

Like the leaves that fall from your favorite branch,
My cold weather lover, I am yours to catch.
We’ll watch stars pass
And sleep in the grass
As we fall in love
At the pumpkin patch.



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