Twitterstorm: Unpacking Pakistan’s Education Crises, One Tweet at a Time

On Tuesday, The Guardian published my article on Pakistan’s education crises, leading to a minor twitterstorm about education policy and what donors have contributed (or not).

Nadia Naviwala, a Woodrow Wilson Global Fellow, and Dr Nadeem Haque, the former deputy chairman of Pakistan’s Planning Commission, led the charge of the Twitter debate.

How it started:

Nadeem came in with some historical perspective.

The problem lies with the centralisation of power.

DMG is the District Management Group

Local knowledge for local problems

Perspective from the ground. A teacher says that Punjab just wants to “enroll new students by any means regardless of what the ground realities are.”

A teacher in KP says that the government keeps changing the language used in schools without any reason or research.

A serious question was raised: why are some government and all private school in Pakistan using English textbooks when teachers and students don’t speak English?

So many aid-fuelled consultants.

Summing it up.

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