What to do and Not to do in the first 90 days in your New Job!

First 90 days in your New Job! Image Courtesy — stocksnap.io

So you congratulate yourself for landing that dream job and getting all its perks with it- a cool hike, an attractive designation and your would-be boss who believes in you and feel that your hiring would complete their high-performing team. You have just taken a few days break, have shopped for the First-Day outfit and reach 15 minutes ahead of reporting time on D-Day. You are confident, excited and can see your new job teeming with opportunities.

This was exactly what happened with me almost 3 months back as I changed my job after almost 2 years and as I finished my first day which included filling umpteen forms, figuring out where restroom is, getting introduced to 50 odd people and ended up mixing names, faces, departments etc on Day 2 and coming week, I realized that my charged-up self is losing its battery power fast and this is a bit more complicated than what I expected initially.

So, on my 4th day, as I was sitting at my workstation, I ordered my 3rd cup of tea in the morning (It was 11:55 am, and my laptop was with IT department for sorting some configuration issue), and the pantry guy very sweetly informed, we deliver tea on the workstations only twice a day, rest is self service.

As I fumed and cribbed to myself, this wasn’t how it was in my last job, I realized that my frustration was not only cos I can’t get tea (though he still came and served it as an exception, considering my new status) but I was surprised at how disorientated this change was. Completely out of my comfort zone, surrounded by strangers who are suddenly colleagues, different location, processes, way of talking (retail conversation (my present) is very different from hospital conversation (my ex)), lunch breaks, shuttle service, team members expectations (1 person reporting to me resigned to me on my first day!)…all this and more made me question my own decision and as doubts creeped in, I also felt, If I deserved this? I felt like an imposter, google it, there is actually a syndrome on it! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impostor_syndrome

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And finally as I stumbled through my first month and sat on the completion of my first quarter, I have few learnings based on my experience & , what to keep in mind when you are New:

  1. Listen and Listen- In all your ‘get-to’know’ or orientation meets, follow the ratio of 90% and 10% where 90% is listening and 10% is speaking and that too, make them questions. This will allow you a better understanding of people, processes, culture and a deeper connect in a short time.
  2. Stop talking about your ex-company- Very few people have asked me about my role in my last organisation & my accomplishment there. People are so busy in their transactions and life at their current role, that they are really not interested in your past. Take this advice- Get over your past and stop bringing it up in every conversation.
  3. Take Initiative- Do not wait for people to say Hi to you first. Be the first person to wish people, ask them if they need your help, most of them will say no, but they will appreciate the gesture.
  4. Acknowledge and Appreciate- As an outsider, there will be couple of things which will look good to you- the cubicle space, the well managed notice boards, office shuttle service, meetings maintains the time schedule- appreciate what you like in this new place. It is very easy to fall in the old habit of cribbing about how nothing works here and you will slowly get into it at your new job also, but when you have fresh insight, recognize the things which are working well.
  5. Take one day at a time, Be observant and not Judgemental- Pressure of showing your mettle and that too fast may just frustrate you even more. Go slow and wear the lens of Observation and Not Judgement!
  6. Recognize low hanging fruits- Financial year was about to end when I joined my new place and during my orientation, my boss and couple of sales guys vented out how, they missed going on an offsite this year because of a gap in my department, even budget will go on a waste and how I should ensure this offsite definitely happen in the next year, since now I am here. I asked my boss, ‘We still have 20 days left for the year to end, Can I go ahead and plan something quick to utilize the budget?”. He was surprised, but said, “Why not?”. It turned out to be a success and helped me earn some credibility.
  7. Be patient- Every orientation meet with department managers gave me an insight on what all can be done, I ended up pages full of To-Dos, and what was urgent for one department turned out to be the last thing that should happen by another department! Take your time before any commitment and introducing something new.
  8. Expect less- Do not expect people to invite you for lunch every day, for a walk post lunch, or even on the official watsapp group in the first week! Keep your expectations low, to avoid disappointments. I wish I had followed this one though. Get used to having lunch alone for a couple of days!
  9. Make mistakes and get over it| But don’t repeat them- Purchasing something through a vendor who was not in the panel, not keeping the Admin informed about the lunch to be organised for a training, using wrong formats for attendance- my first month was a series of small goof ups but you need to take them on stride. Don’t beat yourself up and just keep a note of them to avoid repeating them in near future!
  10. Be YOURSELF- The ghost of the person who you are replacing may come back to haunt you especially if the person had a strong personality. Do not talk too much about it, focus on your strengths, be true to your personality and there will come a day soon where you will not only be accepted but celebrated!

These were my pointers, why don’t you share your learnings of the time when you made that Big Move!

Article Author: Geetanjali Aggarwal

This article was originally published by Geetanjali Aggarwal on her LinkedIn Profile . You can read the original article here. She is currently working as a Manager-Talent Development at Max Healthcare.

Geetanjali is an expert in Learning & Development, Engagement in hotel and hospitals with a credible experience of more than 7 years. She loves writing and is a regular contributor in various platforms.

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