The Top Millennial Blogs You Should Be Reading Right Now

We’re committed to helping millennials get easy access to the information they require to be successful. Therefore we have created the following list of millennial blogs which are specifically targeted at Generation Y in a range of topics.

Let’s get started at looking at which Millennial blogs may interest you:

News Millennial Blogs 📰

Nowadays there are so many news sources and ways for news to below displayed. Below we’ve covered the blogs where news is specifically created with Millennials in mind.

Elite Daily
They call themselves ‘the voice of Generation Y’ and their content is certainly written with this audience in mind. Their Facebook page speaks in the right language and is very appealing to a mass audience. If you are looking for the latest trends or gossip this website is a must.

Refinery 29
Refinery 29 has a similar setup to Elite Daily in terms of it’s content being written with Millennials in mind. This comes from the writing style and content you will find on the website. This site also expands out from being solely about news and touches on different topics from Fashion to Lifestyle.

Unwritten provides plenty of news, articles and advice written by millennials, for millennialsin a fun, engaging and actionable way.

Millennial Magazine
As the title suggests, there is a certain demographic in mind with this magazine. Where this differs than the other news blogs is that they feature many millennials and give them a platform to build their profiles.

A monster for news. A monster for Gen Y. This website is as engaging as it gets and once on there you will spend hours scrolling through the latest news, articles or quizzes.

Travel Millennial Blogs ✈️

Whether it’s making travel more affordable or coming up with cool places for Gen-Y to visit, there are a ton of resources on the internet aimed at allowing this generation to travel more often and further than ever before!

The Savvy Backpacker
So much of the younger generation are on a budget when it comes to travel, which is totally understandable. This blog can help people stretch their money that bit further when it comes going on far and exotic adventures.

Twenty-Something Travel
It’s fair to say this is definitely a blog with millennials in mind. I mean it’s evident from the name of it right. What we love about this travel blog is that the advice is so specific to the exact problems that millennials have when they travel.

World of Wanderlust
If you’re looking for new and exciting places that aren’t just the usual then this blog offers something for you. Great advice and great photography is a great combination in the travel blogging industry and this blog doesn’t disappoint.

10x Travel
Travel hacking is real. Did you know, it IS possible to travel for (almost) FREE?! This blog isn’t necessarily aimed specifically at Gen Y BUT it has advice on travelling for less that will have a huge impact for this demographic!

Business Millennial Blogs 💸

The business landscape has changed a whole lot in the last 10 years and the rise of social media. Who would have thought now whole empires could be run on a device that can fit in your pocket?!

That being said, blogs that give business advice specifically targetting the sort of businesses millennials would like to run exist and are highlighted below:

An entrepreneur who will need no introduction for many millennials. His no nonsense yet inspiring style motivates so many. With advice that is so practical and real he is certainly somebody that needs to be on your list.

Millennials Playbook
Many people get inspired by success stories and seeing other people in action which is why @millennialsplaybook was founded. The interviews completed provide actionable steps and a blueprint for other aspiring millennials to follow.

Lost Gen-Y Girl
If you are looking for real, practical advice from somebody going through exactly what others are then this is a great blog. She covers topics that are so real that many other blogs don’t such as job search and mental health to name just a few.

Bucketlist Bombshells
Work and travel. The ultimate goal for many people in this new world. It is possible and these ladies will guide you through their journey and how they are able to drink cocktails by the beach whilst earning an income usually accustomed to corporate life.

Lindsey Pollack
Similar to GaryVee, Lindsey understands Generation Y and has worked with so many large corporations to train millennials to help them thrive. Her work is trusted by the best in the world and she is certainly somebody that is worth listening to.

Finance Millennial Blogs 💰

Who would have thought that this generation is going to be the first generation to be worse off than the generation before them?!

That’s the fact of the matter and it means that millennials are going to have to be even smarter with their money if they are going to set themselves up for long term success.

Millennial Money
So many millennials come out of college confused as to how they should not only build their career but also their finances. That is why this blog is perfect as it helps fill a gap and helps people to build their financial future from an early age.

Millennial Money Man
Again, Bobby is a money man that wants to help millennials. I mean, he paid off $40,000 of student loan debt within a year and a half (on a teacher’s salary) He can help people to get onto their path to freedom quicker than ever.

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