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I Decided to Quit My Comfort Zone

Since 2015, I’ve been living in this quite perfect neighborhood (at least for me and some of my friends) called Menteng, Kuningan. The reason why the area has been such a perfect place for me and my friends was that our University (Universitas Bakrie) is in the area and we had spent every day around the neighborhood. We pretty much spent our almost every day around the area, since 2012.

There, we can pretty much find everything. Good foods, good places to hang around, good places to exercise, to spend the sleepless nights, to study, to shop, even to karaoke. All in 1 area in less than 1km square from our university. I never found any reason to leave the neighborhood, since also my working place is always nearby. The further I can tell was on Senayan, which I can always pretty much find the bus route to reach any places. Not to forget also, it’s so easy to hang around with all my friends if I’m there. Many times I just randomly ask anyone out after working hours to have dinner together, and I’ll have a friend for it instantly. This really means a lot for me since I’m a person who can feel lonely easily and don’t like to go out alone.

I've been in a total comfort zone.

Around late 2016, I continued my professional journey with a company that makes me go to cool events (mostly rave parties) and travel overseas around Southeast Asia. There in that company,….well my friends say I should not have any reason to leave. My office is close from my place, I was provided a MacBook which pretty much I always bring every time and had helped me a lot with both office and personal works, they gave me opportunities to travel abroad to do projects, all the people in the company are nice and I can reach out everyone including the top level bosses easily, and I had the chance to go to cool events that my friends wish to be able even to work there.

But a few days ago I decided to leave both my favorite neighborhood and my cool job.


1. It’s not yet the time to settle down and it’s dangerous to stay in comfort zone for too long

I’m just turning 24 years old, still trying to pursue my career and my future. Currently, I am not in the place of settling down because I still have many better things I know I should achieve and also it’s not yet the time that I think I should relax. Being in a stagnant comfort zone for always feeling easy to do everything and did not find any challenge on it, I feel it dangerous.

From the professional side, lately, I find myself have been repeatedly doing the same thing all over again and did not find any new thing I can do within.

From the personal side, lately I realize that since I know all my friends are always there and because my friends know I’m always there, I find it too easy for us to hang around anytime and it has made us not appreciate each other as before. Lately when we meet, instead of trying to catch up each other on what’s going on and what we can advise to each other, we just got stuck only to be the companies to eat dinner or to watch movies together with not much deep conversations involved. I feel like I need to distant myself from my close friends, to make us appreciate more of our presence through our absence.

This stagnant feeling, I find it disturbing. I told myself that I need to find another challenge and need to create something different in my circle. I was so ready to start something new.

2. I need to keep making my brain work a lot, even more than it used to do

Nothing against the previous company I worked for, everything was good there. It was just me.

It was just me who found out that I can’t find anything to help me be more creative each day, and it was just me who found out that my analytical (in terms of research) was not so used in daily basis there. For some people, the state of being in a stable job that on everyday basis does not require them to go home and still do some research, it might be what they want. But not for me.

I remember in my previous job, I always went home with some plans to do a research, and I knew that was something that my brain has been thirsty about lately. Knowing that my soul requires something more, requires a challenging work that will make me have to study every day, I knew it was the time for me to quit my comfort zone. I don’t want to stay too long in a comfort zone where I don’t have any homework to do every night or in a comfort zone where I don’t feel the need to struggle to achieve something bigger.

In the end, for me, it’s a matter of choice. If you’re a person who likes to settle down as fast as possible, finding a comfort zone in terms of living place, jobs, or anything, might be really good for a 24 or 25 years old of you. But for me, I still find that a comfort zone in the age like me should not yet to happen because I love to seek more challenges and I love to seek something bigger each day.



Oktafia Putri

A woman in tech. A life time public speaker, self-proclaimed writer, who loves to keep learning. A chairman of RUSSEAN (Russia ASEAN Youth Association).