Going 100 mphs makes you not look back

You don’t have time

You can only look forward and to the sides

With my companion asleep in the passenger

I gripped the wheel, gripped her thigh

I look at her and see how perfect she is

Her scars and bruises stick out like a sore thumb but to me those make her priceless

She’s in satin white, I’m in dingy hand-me-downs

At the speed, at this moment, with no one else on the highway, I can take time to admire her and feel the rush of immortality at the same time

This must be what nirvana feels like

She mumbles words as she sleeps

“Not happy” “alone” “help”

My carelessness ignores it

She awakes to tears and grips my hands

Begging me to slow down and look around, see where we’re heading

Her beauty and the Rush consume me

I can’t help it

She’s crying too much

Gradually we enter the city

Her eyes dry up and she hides her scars

Make up to cover her baggy eyes and broken heart

She grabs the wheel as I change clothes, satin white

We get closer to the heart of the city

As we pull into the suburbs I turn to her

Notice she’s hidden everything

Instead of telling me to slow down she’s telling me to speed up

We enter the burbs and she grabs my hand

Her words turn from “help me” to “I love you” and her

Her grips turn to holds