Millicast demonstrates real-time video broadcasting using AV1 at CommCon 2019

Jul 9, 2019 · 2 min read

As demonstrated today at CommCon UK by Millicast CTO, Dr. Alex Gouaillard, it is now possible to stream one-to-many, real-time low-latency video using the latest high-definition video codec, AV1 in WebRTC. Millicast is the first real-time video streaming platform with support for AV1 in WebRTC, and the second platform worldwide after Cisco’s video conferencing solution Webex. You can read about what revolutionary companies like Cisco expect from AV1 here.

This is a major breakthrough, as this enables live video publishers to stream very high quality streams while only using 50% of the bitrate required by the current standard codec H.264, and is delivered with sub-second latency. What is especially compelling, this solution enables you to stream real-time in AV1 using nothing more than any basic off-the-shelf laptop.

AV1 was kicked off back in 2015 by the largest tech companies and content producers in the world (Google, Netflix, Cisco, Amazon, etc…) under the organization named Alliance for Open Media, of which Millicast through its parent company CoSMo, is a member. This is an open-source initiative created primarily as an effort to solve the never-ending licensing costs and concerns surrounding the H.264 and H.265 codecs. In the past few years, AV1 has made major strides in the streaming ecosystem and is clearly on its way to be the de-facto standard codec for all streaming content.

For more details on the history of AV1 and the details of AV1 integration, you can read our CTO’s tech blog post here.

For a private demo and to learn more about how this solution can help your streaming initiatives please email us at: or come see us at IBC.


Real-time video streaming.

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