Here’s What Happened the Week of August 22, 2016

It was another awesome week here at MILLIE! We launched our Facebook Live Thursday series (Lauren hit it out of the park), we revealed some hidden footage from The Nashville Bunker Labs event and we let everyone know that Fort Campbell is now available on our site!

We’ve included links (for easy sharing), the copy for the posts (in case you’ve already used up all your creative juices today), the hashtags (for optimal millennial reach) and the MILLIE logos and branding information (in case you want to feature us on your front page or something).

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Aug. 22, Monday — AgentHero Spotlight — Isom

Post Copy: Headed to Sacramento? Then you need to connect with our AgentHero Isom! An Air Force veteran who’s now a real estate broker, he’s ready to help you find your next home! Connect with him today by clicking below!

#AgentHero #Sacramento #TheMillieWay #PCS

Aug. 22, Monday — Article Feature — AAFMAA “Avoid Costly PCS Mistakes”

Post Copy: We know using MILLIE will help you avoid costly PCS mistakes, but don’t take our word for it! Check out AAFMAA’s article that outlines ways #military families can save money when #PCSing!

#gomillie #AAFMAA #TheMillieWay #pcsseason

Aug. 23, Tuesday — Base Launch — Fort Campbell

Post Copy: If you’re getting ready to move to Fort Campbell (or know someone who is) then you better check out our latest base page! It’s got everything you need to know about the base, the neighborhoods, the local schools and more!

#gomillie #FortCampbell #Tennessee #bringingmilitaryfamilieshome

Aug. 24, Wednesday — Scout Spotlight — Carrie

Post Copy: Headed to Colorado Springs? Then Carrie is the Scout for you! Whether you’re #PCSing to Fort Carson, the Academy, Schriever or Peterson, Carrie is ready to help you find your next home! Connect with her today by clicking below!

#gomillie #ColoradoSprings #AirForceAcademy #FortCarson #PetersonAFB #SchrieverAFB #MillieScout

Aug. 25, Thursday — Video Feature— Ken Robbins from MILLIE at Muster

Post Copy: Check out this lost footage from the Muster in Nashville! Our CEO Ken talks about how MILLIE wants to help solve the underemployment problems #militaryspouses face. This is no small task but #MILLIE is up to the challenge!

#gomillie #TheMuster #BigIdeaForAmerica #TheMillieWay #militarylife

Aug. 25, Thursday — Facebook Live Thursday event — 5 Mistakes Military Homebuyers Make (video)

Post Copy: 5 Mistakes Military Homebuyers Make

Aug. 25, Thursday — Medium Publication — FB Live Video Recap

In case video isn’t your thing and you’d rather read (or maybe your users prefer to read), we created a recap article for the Facebook Live event! It’s drilled down to the most important information and it’s easy to share :)

Aug. 25, Thursday — Toolkit — Neighborhood Comparison Guide

Post Copy: Whether you’re thinking of living on base or off base, we can help you make an informed decision. Click below to download our Neighborhood Comparison Guide today!

#TheMillieWay #bringingmilitaryfamilieshome #gomillie #PCS

Aug. 26, Friday — Photographer Spotlight — Laura

Post Copy: A huge thanks to our photographer Laura for her awesome work on Fort Campbell! We couldn’t have done it without you! If you like what you see on the Fort Campbell pages, you can find out more about Laura’s work at:

#onassignment #MILLIEisEverywhere #FortCampbell

Aug. 26, Friday — Base Launch — Infographic

Post Copy: Fort Campbell is home to several schools and qualification courses, including the 10 Toughest Days in the Army! Check out more cool facts below!

#gomillie #FortCampbell #Army #TheMillieWay #airborne

Have a great week everyone!


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