Here’s What Happened the Week of February 20, 2017

It’s hard to believe this was the last full week of February, but here we are, staring down March already. We’re excited to finally share Joint Base San Antonio on our site along with an incredible #IamMILLIE story that speaks to the importance of saying goodbye to your tribe.

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Feb. 21, Tuesday — Base Launch (video) — Joint Base San Antonio

Post Copy: GET EXCITED! Joint Base San Antonio is now available on our site! If you’ve got orders to Military City USA we recommend you head over to our locale, base and neighborhood pages to start learning about the area and to find a great place to live! (Know somewhere moving there this summer? Send them here! ❤)

Click here to check it out today! — ->

Feb. 20, Monday — #IamMILLIE Author — Kellie Artis

Post Copy: Today’s #IamMILLIE author is our very own Director of Content, Kellie! She shares a unique tradition her and her close friends keep when one of them moves away during a PCS. She also talks about the natural ebb and flow of military friendships…and why it’s okay to move forward with your life after you (or a friend) leaves.

#MILLIEisEverywhere #militaryfriendships

Feb. 20, Monday — 5 Crucial Steps to the PCS Process

Post Copy: 5 Crucial Steps to the PCS Process

Feb. 24, Friday — Base Launch (infographic) — Joint Base San Antonio

Post Copy: We’ve got 14 cool #facts about San Antonio coming at you. This week we’re sharing with you Part 1. Did you know all of these facts already? Stay tuned for Part 2! #gomillie #SanAntonio

Feb. 24, Friday — Photographer Spotlight — Carolyn Abrahams

Post Copy: We’d be completely out of line if we didn’t give a big Texas THANK YOU to our fantastic Joint Base San Antonio photographer, Carolyn. Just like everything in #Texas, this area was BIG and she did a wonderful job capturing its essence.

If you like Carolyn’s work as much as we do, you can connect with her on Facebook at Pink Petunia Photography!

Feb. 22, Wednesday — Base Launch (Two Truths & A Lie) — San Antonio

Post Copy: We’re back with Two Truths and A Lie — MILLIE style. This week we’re testing your knowledge on San Antonio. Can you sniff out the lie? Put your answer in the comments below for the chance to win a MILLIE sticker!

If you need a hint check out our San Antonio page:

On Friday at 12 p.m. a winner will be chosen at random from those who answer correctly. Don’t delay! Good luck! #gomillie #SanAntonio

Feb. 23, Thursday — Would You Rather

Post Copy: Becoming a citizen in a new state is such a pain! But then again…so is traveling to Alaska. What say you?

Comment below with your answer and then SHARE with your friends to see what they would say!

Feb. 21, Tuesday — BridgeStreet

Post Copy: Don’t settle for being uncomfortable or overpaying for temporary lodging during your next PCS. BridgeStreet is ready to help you find an affordable, comfortable place to stay while you transition from your old base to your new one. Click below to get started today!

Feb. 22, Wednesday — MILLIE Publication — Lauren Rothlisberger

Post Copy: “We build tribes with common bonds, but how do we create these bonds? We build bonds through a mutual emotional experience, a time and space we can share.” — Lauren Rothlisberger Click below to read on about how our Director of Marketing believes we create tribes and why they’re so important for military families.

#MILLIEisEverywhere #gomillie #TurnOn

Feb. 22, Wednesday — Base Launch (photo) — San Antonio

Post Copy: What a cool sign! Just one of the many hidden gems in #SanAntonio #Texas 🐎. Have you been stationed at Joint Base San Antonio? What was your favorite part of this big Texas town?👇Tell me in the comments below!😉

>>> <<<

#MILLIEisEverywhere #JBSA #giddyup #gomillie #MILLIE #hiddengems #militarylife #airforce #Army #ordersarecoming #PCSing #militaryspouse #travel #explore

Feb. 24, Friday — Base Launch (image)— Joint Base San Antonio

Post Copy: If you don’t check out anything else in #SanAntonio, we’ve been told the #Riverwalk is a can’t-miss. Check out our San Antonio locale page (( to learn more about the #alamo city and to learn about the local duty stations!

#MILLIEisEverywhere #gomillie #exploretexas #militarycity #MILLIE #explore #travel #militaryfamilies #militaryspouse

Feb. 23, Thursday — Toolkit

Post Copy: Asking these questions will help you find the right neighborhood for your family. Learn more in our guide: #gomillie

Have a great week everyone!


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