Here’s What Happened the Week of July 10, 2017

July is rolling right along and so it the MILLIE team. We shared another inspiring #IamMILLIE story, gave our audience a BIG reason why they should hire a Scout and joined Susan Reynolds on Spouse Spouts to talk about PCS’ing!

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Jul. 10, Monday —#IamMILLIE Author— Annie Henderson

Post Copy: This week’s #IamMILLIE author talks about the challenges of being a military spouse and mother to Irish Twins (a pair of siblings born less than 12 months apart) and how overcoming that adversity helped her follow a new-found passion of becoming a certified #sleep consultant! It’s a powerful story about finding tribes, sticking to schedules and making it to the other side of your fears. Click below to read more!

Jul. 12, Wednesday —MILLIE in the News — Spouse Spouts

Post Copy: Our Director of Business Development and Communications, Kellie, joined Susan Reynolds on Spouse Spouts today to talk about our favorite topic….PCS’ing! Kellie and Susan get into some real talk on how PCS’ing has changed over the years, what it’s like to get stationed in different locations, and ways in which we can own the PCS process! Check it out today!

Jul. 12, Wednesday — Sponsor Spotlight — Kids in Sports of Fayetteville, NC

Post Copy: Kids in Sports is sliding into the Sponsor Spotlight this week! Their mission? Teach kids between 1 and 12 a wide range of sports in a safe and fun environment! They’re a year-round organization that allows kids to get involved in some sort of physical activity, no matter the season! They love military families and teaching kids about teamwork. Click below to learn more (and get your kiddo involved!).

Jul. 11, Tuesday — Mortgage Lenders — Need to Connect with A Lender?

Post Copy: Start the home buying process off right by connecting with an outstanding Mortgage Lender! Visit

Jul. 13, Thursday — Why You Should Hire A Scout

Post Copy: This story right here is EXACTLY why you should hire a #Scout to help you check out a potential property before signing any papers! You never know how accurate the photos are or what’s just outside of the frame! Connect with a Scout today at and reduce your PCS stress!

#gomillie #PCSSeason

Jul. 14, Friday — Infographic — Fort Bragg

Post Copy: It’s Fun Fact Friday! Can “fun” and “Fort Bragg” really go in the same sentence? They sure can when we’re talking about fun facts about this massive duty station! Visit to learn even more!

Jul. 10, Monday —Instagram — Fort Campbell

Post Copy: We love it when #military families have the #opportunity to check out some of the #aircraft stationed at their base. And #summertime always provides a great chance to see some of these powerful machines up close! What’s your #favorite aircraft that you’ve had the chance to see up close? Tell me in the comments below! 

#gomillie #FortCampbell #summer #militarylife #Army #goarmy #militaryfamilies #militaryspouse #MILLIEisEverywhere

Jul. 14, Friday — MILLIE in the News

Post Copy: Milspouses know all too well that the hustle is real when it comes to those annoying chunks of time between employment. Check out these suggestions from the incredible ladies at MadSkills!

Jul. 10, Monday — Just for Laughs

Post Copy: We love this hilarious list because everyone on the team has done the exact same thing before! But we’d like to make a couple revisions to the following steps:
#2 Research your next duty station, schools, housing and more at
#9 Research your NEW next duty station, schools, housing and more at
#11 Visit the MILLIE Pinterest boards for PCS’ing tips and inspiration on things to do at your new duty station (/themillieway)
#35 Start house-hunting after learning about which “neighborhood” you want to live in from our Installation Guides
#45 Use our hand-crafted maps to get a sense of what the area around your new duty station is going to look like!
#46 Hire a Scout to check out the property you’re in love with so you’re less stressed out when you have to sign documents for said property (which you’ve never set foot in)

Jul. 10, Monday — What can MILLIE do for you? — Scouts

Post Copy: Yay technology! It’s becoming easier than ever to avoid a “renting sight-unseen disaster.” Let our Scouts help you:

Jul. 11, Tuesday — Instagram — Fort Drum

Post Copy: These little #rustic cabins are located at Fort Drum in New York! What’s your #favorite style of home? Share your ideal home-style in the comments below!

#gomillie #home #NewYork #FortDrum #Army #goarmy #militarylife #militaryspouse #HGTV #dreamhome #cabin #MILLIEisEverywhere

Jul. 12, Wednesday — Would You Rather?

Post Copy: Both would be pretty cool….what say you? Share with your friends and start your own game! #wouldyourather

Jul. 12, Wednesday — Instagram — Fort Knox

Post Copy: Did you know these #cannons are located in front of the U.S. Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, and are kept loaded as a last line of #defense to protect the #gold located there? KIDDING! These ornamental cannons are real, but they’re not in front of the Bullion Depository. They’re just one of the cool things to see when on this #Kentucky base. 

#MILLIEisEverywhere #BullionDepository #FortKnox #KentuckyDerby #Army #goarmy #militarylife #militaryspouse #adventure #explore #PCS #PCSseason #history #cannon

Jul. 13, Thursday — MILLIE Journal Article — 4 Landscaping Ideas for a Small Backyard

Post Copy: One of our favorite mortgage lenders, Quicken Loans, shares some tips on how to get the most out of a small backyard! Click below to check it out today and make the most of your outdoor space.

#gomillie #QuickenLoans #optoutside

Jul. 13, Thursday — Instagram — Fort Gordon

Post Copy: Want to know something cool about Fort Gordon? They have riding #stables right on base! Just one of the #fun things families can do while stationed at this #Georgia base. What’s something #unique about your current #dutystation that you would tell someone who’s new to the area? Tell us in the comments below! .

#gomillie #militarylife #FortGordon #ridingstables #horses #optoutside #adventure #explore #travel #militaryfamilies #outdooractivities #militaryspouse #PCSseason #Army

Jul. 14, Friday —Instagram — Fort Hood

Post Copy: The 1st Cavalry #Horse Detachment, located at Fort Hood, is pretty darn cool! And so historic!🐎 Is there a prominent or #historic unit located at your duty station?👇👇Tell me which one it is in the comments below!🗣

#gomillie #FirstCavalry #horses #FortHood #Texas #sword #army #goarmy #PCSseason #militarylife #militaryspouse #MILLIEisEverywhere #dutystation #history

Have a great week everyone!


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