Here’s What Happened the Week of March 27, 2017

This was a very exciting week here at MILLIE. We not only made an appearance in the MilitaryByOwner blog, but we launched Northwest Florida on our site (partaay!) and we celebrated #IamMILLIE day!

We’ve included links (for easy sharing), the copy for the posts (in case you’ve already used up all your creative juices today), the hashtags (for optimal millennial reach) and the MILLIE logos and branding information (in case you want to feature us on your front page or something).

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Mar. 28, Tuesday — Base Launch (image) — Northwest Florida

Post Copy: The big moment has finally come….Northwest Florida and its eight bases are now available on our site! Click below to check it out today and to learn about the area, the bases, the neighborhoods and life in the Florida panhandle!

— ->

#MILLIEiseverywhere #gomillie #florida

Mar. 31, Friday — #IamMILLIE Article — Top #IamMILLIE Quotes from the MILLIE Authors

Post Copy: In honor of #IamMILLIE day, we’re featuring our Top 20 quotes from our #IamMILLIE authors! Check out the article to get inspired. Then make sure to join us for the event on Facebook to share what makes YOU a #MILLIE!

Mar. 31, Friday — #IamMILLIE Day

Post Copy:
Day is finally here! Post a picture of yourself and finish the phrase “#IamMILLIE because…” to join the #MILLIE team in #celebrating what makes #military families such fantastic problem solvers who own the military lifestyle in their unique way!

From our Social Media Coordinator, Alexis, “#IamMILLIE because no matter where I may go,
no matter where I may roam, 
I always find some way, 
to make it feel like home. 
Military life is stressful and crazy, 
but it’s wonderful and rewarding too, 
And at the side of my amazing hubby, 
I know there’s nothing we can’t do!”

To see the great stories and fun posts shared by all the MILLIE’s who participated, visit the event page!

Mar. 27, Monday — #IamMILLIE Author — National Military Family Association (NMFA)

Post Copy: This week’s #IamMILLIE story comes from Shannon Prentice, Content Development Manager at National Military Family Association. This organization has a plethora of resources available to military families, so click below to check them out and learn more on how you can own military life!

Mar. 31, Friday — MILLIE in the News — Coping with the Stress of PCS

Post Copy: Another great post from MilitaryByOwner Advertising, Inc. talking about yours truly!

Mar. 31, Friday — Photographer Spotlight — Robin Masters

Post Copy: Today we’re saying THANK YOU to our fabulous Northwest Florida photographer, Robin Masters! She did an amazing job photographing this massive area, helping our base and neighborhood pages come to life!

If you like Robin’s work, you can see more of it and connect with her at:

#gomillie #florida #photography

Mar. 31, Friday — Base Launch (infographic) — Northwest Florida

Post Copy: Check out these cool facts about Northwest Florida! Have you been stationed there? Did you already know all of these facts? Learn more about the area at

(Part 2 coming soon!) #gomillie #florida

Mar. 29, Wednesday — Two Truths & A Lie — Northwest Florida

Post Copy: How well do you know the Northwest Florida area? We’re testing your knowledge with our latest edition of Two Truths and A Lie! Tell us in the comments below which one you think is the lie for the chance to win a MILLIE sticker! (Need a hint? Visit to see if you can find the right answer!)

Answer by 12 p.m. this Friday for a chance to win! Winners will be selected at random from those who respond with the correct answer. Good luck! 
#gomillie #florida

Mar. 29, Wednesday —Base Launch (image)— Northwest Florida

Post Copy: Exciting #news! Northwest #Florida and it’s EIGHT bases are now available on our site! Click here👉� to #learn more and #discover your next duty station! 
#gomillie #MILLIEisEverywhere #northwestflorida #destin #pensacola #Navy #airforce #emeraldcoast #beach #ocean #explore #militarylife #militaryspouse #pcsseason

Mar. 30, Thursday — MILLIE in the News — Guest Post

Post Copy: We ❤ this house in #Pensacola! It looks like it’s straight off of #HGTV! This is just a tiny glimpse of the Northwest #Florida area…if you want to see more, click the → ← to get a feel for the area and your next duty station! 

#MILLIEisEverywhere #gomillie #pensacola #northwestflorida #airforce #Navy #MILLIE #baselaunch #pcsseason #beach #explore #travel #house #househunting

Mar. 31, Friday —MILLIE out and about

Post Copy: Today Amy, our Director of Community Relations, had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Votel and Mrs. Schwarzkopf! These two ladies embody the spirit of #IamMILLIE because they’ve paved the way for many, many military spouses following in their footsteps!

Mar. 31, Friday —MILLIE out and about

Post Copy: By coincidence our COO, @jkdemp, spent #IamMILLIE Day with an #Army mentor and #veteran, Alex Perwich, at @enactus, helping college students drive sustainable social change through entrepreneurship! 
• • •
#MILLIEisEverywhere #enactus #entrepreneurship #gomillie #college #beinspired #sustainability #socialchange #bethechange

Have a great week everyone!


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