Here’s What Happened the Week of May 1 & May 8, 2017

Our Director of Social Media & Digital Marketing (yours truly) was out of town last week, leaving you in the dark on the latest and greatest happenings for MILLIE. (I’m sorry!) So this week is a double feature, highlighting the biggest piece of MILLIE news for 2017: MILLIE was featured on FOX NEWS!

We’ve included links (for easy sharing), the copy for the posts (in case you’ve already used up all your creative juices today), the hashtags (for optimal millennial reach) and the MILLIE logos and branding information (in case you want to feature us on your front page or something).

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May 5, Friday — MILLIE in the News (literally) — Fox News “Happening Now”

Post Copy: Here is the clip of Ken and Kellie on Fox News Happening Now!…/online-community-millie-helps-mi…

May 5, Friday — MILLIE in the News (literally) — Fox News “Happening Now”

Post Copy: @keliliz and @ken.robbins preparing to go on FOXNews! They’re looking fly and psyched to talk about MILLIE! #MILLIEisEverywhere

May 1, Monday — MILLIe in the News — Drop & Give Me 20 Podcast

Post Copy: Check it out today! Hear the second part of the MILLIE story as told by our CEO and COO, Ken and Jason, on the Drop and Give Me 20 podcast! Click below to listen!

May. 3, Wednesday — MILLIE Sponsorship

Post Copy: MILLIE offers free installation guides that military spouses utilize months before their move to determine where they will live and what area will be a good fit for their families.

Get in front of these customers today by visiting

May 3, Wednesday — AgentHero Promo — video

Post Copy: Now finding a real estate agent doesn’t have to be hard or a gamble! Our AgentHeroes are hand-picked for our network and are the best in the business. Visit to connect with an AgentHero today and make your next PCS a great one!

May 10, Wednesday —MILLIE out and about — Hiring Our Heroes Hiring Fair at Fort Bliss

Post Copy: Our Fort Bliss #Scout, Laci, rocking the MILLIE booth at the Hiring Our Heroes event at #FortBliss today! Make sure to stop by and say hi! And if you need Scout services this summer, click here➡

May 11, Thursday — MILLIE Journal Article —PCS’ing with Kids: Get Packing, Get Closure, Get Settled

Post Copy: Check out these nine great tips about PCS’ing with kids from one of our #IamMillie authors! Click below to get all the juicy details!

May 12, Friday —MILLIE in the News — Thoughts from a ‘Resistant Dependent’ on Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Post Copy: Our friends at Troop ID and Supporting Our Veterans gave Kellie, our Director of Business Development and Communications, the chance to share her thoughts on Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Who else can identify with being a “resistant dependent?” 
#MILLIEisEverywhere #SupportingOurVeterans #TroopID

May 3, Wednesday — Scouts Infographic

Post Copy: Need some reasons why you should use a Scout during your rental home search? 
Hire a scout today ->

May 1, Monday — MILLIE in the News — Drop & Give Me 20 Podcast

Post Copy: Don’t forget to tune in! Today is the day you can hear the MILLIE story from Jason and Ken! 
#Repost @giveme20podcast
When we asked Ken & Jason, co-founders of MILLIE and @usarmy #veterans, if they had any advice for other military veterans who are thinking about starting their own #business, here is what Ken had to say.
Be sure to catch their #episode on May 1st when it goes live and in case you missed part 1 of our Millie series, you can click the link in our bio to listen! 
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -
#MILLIEisEverywhere #gomillie #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #military#usarmy #armyveteran #podcast #militarypodcast #dagm20 #podcast

May 1, Monday — What Can MILLIE Do For You? —Installation Guides

Post Copy: Where you want your kids to go to school has a major impact on where you decide to live. We get it:

May 4, Thursday — What is a Scout?

Post Copy: We’ve revolutionized the way military families PCS — making this difficult process easier than ever! Connect now at

May 8, Monday —What Can MILLIE Do For You?— AgentHeroes

Post Copy: The #dream. Working with an AgentHero turns that dream into a #goal. Connect today: #gomillie

May 11, Thursday — What is an AgentHero?

Post Copy: We’ve changed the way military families find a trusted real estate agent forever. Visit to be part of the change!

May 12, Friday — Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Post Copy: With deep gratitude and much love, we thank military spouses around the world for their service, their commitment and their steadfast love and support for their service members. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! #militaryspouse #IamMILLIE

Have a great week everyone!


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