Here’s What Happened The Week of September 12, 2016

This was a busy week for MILLIE! We’re so excited about the launch of our D.C. bases that we kept the launch party going for another week! We made another appearance on Lifetime TV (yeah, we’re kind of a big deal), we taught our audience how to discover their next duty station and we filled Friday with fun facts on D.C. and Fort Shafter.

We’ve included links (for easy sharing), the copy for the posts (in case you’ve already used up all your creative juices today), the hashtags (for optimal millennial reach) and the MILLIE logos and branding information (in case you want to feature us on your front page or something).

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Without further ado, here are last week’s top posts:

Sept. 12, Monday — Video — Unlocking The Secrets To Moving To The D.C. Area

Post Copy: After spending hours researching, interviewing, writing, designing, mapping, and documenting for our DC area MILLIE Guide [] — we uncovered a few hidden gems we don’t want you to miss. Check out this quick video we made to get you in the know!

Sept. 15, Thursday — Facebook Live Thursday (video) — 5 Secrets To Discovering Your Next Duty Station

Post Copy: 5 Secrets to Discovering your Next Duty Station

Here’s the recap article, in case you’re crunched for time and want the tips quick and easy:

Sept. 13, Tuesday — Base Launch (video) — Fort Shafter

Post Copy: We’re pleased to announce the launch of our latest base, Fort Shafter in #Hawaii! If you’ve got orders to the beautiful island of Oahu, make sure to check out our free info on the base and the areas before #PCSing!

#MILLIEisEverywhere #Oahu #FortShafter #GoArmy

Sept. 14, Wednesday — Base Launch (Image) — D.C. Area Commute Table

Post Copy: You won’t find D.C. area commute tables like ours anywhere else! And since we’ve already done all the hard work for you, now you can focus on what’s really important: Finding the perfect home for your family.

#TheMillieWay #DC #bringingmilitaryfamilieshome

Sept. 15, Thursday — Base Launch (image) — D.C. Neighborhoods

Post Copy: Our D.C. area neighborhood content was curated by military folks, for military folks. We got the real scoop about what life is like in each of these neighborhoods. Check them out before you PCS to the D.C. area! (Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!)

Sept. 16, Friday — Goings-on — MILLIE in the News

Post Copy: MILLIE is in the #news again! Hear from our CEO Ken (a #veteran entrepreneur) what he would do differently if he were starting MILLIE today. 
#TheMillieWay #MILLIEisEverywhere #bringingmilitaryfamilieshome #entrepreneurship

Sept. 16, Friday — Base Launch — Infographic D.C. Area

Post Copy: Part 2 of our 10 secrets to PCS’ing to the D.C. area! Get in-the-know before you go!

#gomillie #bringingmilitaryfamilieshome #WashingtonDC #MILLIEisEverywhere

Sept. 16, Friday — Base Launch — Infographic Fort Shafter

Post Copy: It’s a double-dose of fun #facts for your Friday! Check out our infographic on Fort Shafter in Hawaii!

#FortShafter #TheMillieWay #bringingmilitaryfamilieshome

Sept. 12, Monday — AgentHero Spotlight — Ashleigh

Post Copy: Say hello to Ashleigh, one of our D.C. area AgentHeroes! She’s an Army #veteran and military spouse who has extensive knowledge on the PCS process (She’s moved over 20 times with the military!). She’s a creative problem solver who is your advocate and local area expert. She’s excited to help you with your next transaction! Connect with Ashleigh today by clicking below!

#AgentHero #MILLIEisEverywhere #WashingtonDC #Army

Have a great week everyone!


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