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Conspiracy: Jumpstart #07: Adriana

Conspiracy: Jumpstart is a National Game Design Month project, where a game (or, in this case, a Magic: The Gathering product) is designed in one month, during November 2020.

Previous Devlog Updates:

Product Updates

Card Designs: Creating tapped Citizens
I realized that creating tapped 2/2 Citizen tokens was a very low cost in terms of amount of additional rules text space used that could make a comparatively big impact on gameplay. Doing this probably makes blocking occur even less, which is great, since I’d like to bring the game even quicker toward an end.

From now on, any card that creates Citizen tokens will create them tapped.

Speaking of Citizens…


Adriana’s mechanical theme is attacking with two or more creatures. Specifically, whenever any player attacks your opponents with two or more creatures.

Flavorfully, Adriana has the most Citizens in her pack. While Brago is all about holding onto explicitly the sway of the city, Adriana does this organically every time her deck slams down Citizens.

This also sets her apart from Grenzo’s tokens theme (who creates both creature tokens and non-creature tokens) and Selvala’s “one creature type” theme (both Citizen tokens and animal creature cards are welcome).

UPDATE: Revised some cards according to perryk & Juliet feedback on the Beacon of Creation Discord.




Magic: The Gathering game design

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