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Milling for 53

Conspiracy: Jumpstart #08: Daretti

Conspiracy: Jumpstart is a National Game Design Month project, where a game (or, in this case, a Magic: The Gathering product) is designed in one month, during November 2020.

Previous Devlog Updates:

Product Updates

Game over. I lost. I didn’t create all ten character packs before December 1st.

I’ll still want to finish the remaining two sometime. But now that I know I’ve lost, I can catch my breath after this 11th hour crunch, before continuing.


Daretti’s mechanical theme is “artifact cards put into the graveyard from anywhere”. This sets him apart from Muzzio, who prefers his artifact creatures on the battlefield. And also different from Grenzo, who only focuses on tokens but ones that leave the battlefield, at that.



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