Milling for 53
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Milling for 53

The champion of green evasion is here!

Check out the cards selected for the Cazur packet and the reasoning for the picks below:

Cazur wants to make it difficult for your opponent to block, whether because it’s a damning choice or because they just can’t. Because of this, we have an assortment of green evasion abilities showcased here.

Gingerbrute is unlikely to get blocked with its activated ability.

Giltgrove Stalker can sneak past in the early game when Cazur is played on-curve. Then, from there, it can trade up with larger-drop creatures as the opponent realizes they have to block before it gets too large.

Bristling Boar is another creature that’s both large and can force trades, letting others sneak past to hit the opponent.

Cockatrice is an excellent creature for both offense and defense, taking care of any creatures that are way too big.

Skinshifter is another green flier in the deck, with a neat synergy with Cazur, where you can perhaps rack up +1/+1 counters in the air, then carry those counters to your trampling Rhino form for a larger charge later.

Primal Adversary is large, has trample, and can overwhelm in the endgame.

Speaking of going wide, Selvala’s Charge and Pest Investation (provided the targets) can provide a nice boost to your army.

And another backup option in the endgame is Taunting Arbormage, letting you get past any mucked-up board states.

Giltgrove Stalker & Cazur take care of the “2 Warriors” requirement and Gingerbrute counts for your artifact requirement, for this packet. Selvala’s Charge fills in the “multiplayer event” card slot.


That’s all for this packet! See ya next time.



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