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Milling for 53

Moxtober 2020 #14: Firstborn

During the month of October is #MTGMoxtober! Each day, I design a new Magic: The Gathering mechanic to fit the day’s prompt. Join Moxtober with your own Magic-related creations! Full prompt list here.

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Day #11: Pact
Day #12: Fortune
Day #13: Dread

Today’s prompt: #14— “Firstborn”

The term “firstborn” can come up when you are referring to multiple children belonging to the same family. Otherwise, for zero or one child, you would have no comparison happening to bring up a “first.”

I avoided reference of “family,” since that’s too broad of a term to apply to caring about creature types. Family doesn’t need to be blood or of a similar type, and I don’t want to undermine that messaging.

But siblings felt narrow enough where it seemed reasonable to focus on those who were born from the same parent, without being exclusive of those siblings who grew up together and are from different bloodlines.

I imagine the siblings mechanic would be at their most interesting when they appear on creature types that aren’t as prevalent in Magic. And probably would best for lowering level of complexity when you put the ability on a creature type with only a single creature type.

By the time this pup’s sibling arrives, it’ll have grown! The eldest sibling is older and more experienced, after all. :)



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