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Moxtober 2020 #17: Blasphemy

During the month of October is #MTGMoxtober! Each day, I design a new Magic: The Gathering mechanic to fit the day’s prompt. Join Moxtober with your own Magic-related creations! Full prompt list here.

Day #01: Harvest
Day #02: Curio
Day #03: Binding
Day #04: Smog
Day #05: Cynic
Day #06: Lance
Day #07: Mithril
Day #08: Rider
Day #09: Tyrant
Day #10: Brew
Day #11: Pact
Day #12: Fortune
Day #13: Dread
Day #14: Firstborn
Day #15: Tale
Day #16: Eclipse

Today’s prompt: #17 — “Blasphemy”

Each of the Theros Gods and the Amonkhet Gods have had expressions of not being able to function as a normal creature at times. While in “not behaving as a creature” form, their abilities still had influence on the game. Very flavorful of divine presence.

For Theros, this was requiring devotion to become a creature. For Amonkhet, this was not being able to attack or block unless meeting a condition.

In this case, I tapped into the flavor of a god intervening when they were angry. Someone is blasphemous and now the god must act. I had any player that attacked you while Keranos is on the battlefield be what is “blasphemous”.

So, while no one attacks you, Keranos won’t be able to attack or block. Which is cool, you still got your sorcery spells having flash.

Once someone offends Keranos, that’s when Keranos goes into a rage against them. Keranos is too busy being angry to block but can attack now. The staple indestructible ability will keep Keranos alive in most cases for a safe attack.

Lastly, while you’ve incurred Keranos’ wrath, the sorcery spells now can do damage against you. What will happen at a Commander table? *thinks*




Magic: The Gathering game design

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