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Milling for 53

Moxtober 2020 #20: Bludgeon

During the month of October is #MTGMoxtober! Each day, I design a new Magic: The Gathering mechanic to fit the day’s prompt. Join Moxtober with your own Magic-related creations! Full prompt list here.

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Day #17: Blasphemy
Day #18: Charm
Day #19: Specter

Today’s prompt: #20 — “Bludgeon”

An example of what this action word does to a creature:

  • A Grizzly Bear goes from 2/2 to 1/1
  • A 2/1 Goblin Piker is unaffected
  • A Kraken Hatchling goes from 0/4 to -3/1

Black can do Murder and variations of it. White has conditional removal, whether it’s Pacifism, destroying tapped creatures, etc. White’s OK with vanquishing a foe as long as it’s justified.

In many cases, a Beat Down on a creature can result in death for them, usually when paired with a blocking or blocked creature you control, finishing the pulverized creature off.

I imagine pulverize might appear within a set that has -1/-1 counters instead of +1/+1 counters (like Amonkhet or Shadowmoor). And the set’s world might be harsh and gritty.



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