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Written: Friday,14th July 2017 
Rushed overjoyed, to tear
Paper from his workbook,
Suddenly stopped;
The last scolding, he recalled.

Turned back,
To courtyard in the rear,
To fetch some old paper, rain gear.
Boats, ready and prepared
Much before it poured.

Drenched and thrilled,
Heedless of whines of those concerned,
As pouring intensified,
Few survived, few drowned.

Eyeballs glued to, farthest sailing boat,
Euphoric, watching craftsmanship afloat;
Busy vying with folks in neighborhood,
Instance, one of many, of his childhood.

Childhood, saw no boundaries, no qualm.
He Climbed, plucked, dived, swam
In canal, that mango trees overshadowed,
Another adventure that youth bestowed.

Would paddle down, miles away
To Watch some movie, 
And gossips, stupidities on the way.
Sometimes caught, to be punished,
At times escaped and spared.

No net, no phones nor did any get a tab,
Childhood was still fun, free, euphoric, and fab.
No pizza, burger, pasta, and No noodle Cuppa
Childhood was equally excellent with;
Aloo Parantha, Aloo Tikki, Samosa and Gol Guppa.

He would smile in entirety, in no fake,
Less brought more content to take.

Abundant was the laughter,
His Childhood was free, no peer pressure.
Pleasant are the Childhood memories.
Could smile or giggle all alone, on its stories.

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