Bayo Balogun | Director of Operations | is one of the leading online car and truck parts and accessories stores in continental Africa. They have a complete selection of high-quality parts for a wide range of new and used vehicle makes and models — offered at the lowest prices. There are millions of inventoried parts in the database, and the search is quick and simple.

Why is auto parts shopping a challenge in Africa? If the search for the correct replacement and aftermarket vehicle parts and accessories is already giving you headaches, it’s time you stop looking elsewhere — — — Try was born out of the need to Centralize parts inventory across the nation. A place to find difficult auto parts, Reduce high prices and ensure that trust worthy vendors can compete and satisfied buyers can appreciate great business. They vet and rate our vendors so they can remove the headaches of bad autoparts vendors.

Once you enter the information regarding the used auto parts you wish to find, performs an instant search of the database. Within seconds, you’ll be presented with a list of suppliers that have the auto part you need. No need to drive to ten places to find one part. Consolidate your time and money.

The Director of Operations, Mr. Bayo Balogun shared the story of CarParts Nigeria.

What was your career before CarParts Nigeria was born?

I had worked at IBM and Lockheed Martin. And also worked as a co-founder and Consultant at an IT Consulting firm call Deedoc Consulting. My background in the ICT field spans over 25 years of experience in multi-platform environments ranging from Mainframes, Midrange AS400, Unix, Novell, Microsoft, LAN/WAN to database and ERP deployment in United States and Nigeria. But the last 8 years has been more into IT security and forensics.

Tell me a little about how CarParts Nigeria started?

4 Year ago back in Nigeria, i had a problem with my car. First i had problem finding a good service mechanic. Secondly, it took 4 days to find the part the mechanic recommended. Most importantly, I almost paid 80% more in the price of the part that I bought to middlemen who overprice auto parts pricing . This was how Carpartsnigeria was born. CarPartsNigeria’s (CPN) approach to the auto sector of the Nigerian economy was built out of necessity to correct some of the challenges of shopping for auto-parts in Nigeria and Africa. Also out of the need to centralize parts inventory database across the nation, a place to find difficult parts, reduce high prices and ensure trustworthy vendors can compete, while satisfied buyers can appreciate great business.

What’s your motivation in opening a car parts business? Are you a car enthusiast?

Yes, I am a car Enthusiast and do love cars. The motivation was more out of need to correct the challenges of the auto industry in Nigeria and Africa. A Marketplace where consumers can feel they are getting a bargain and convenience of shopping for quality car parts and best service artisans under one platform.

Who is/are part of building CarParts Nigeria?

Here are some of my partners at Carpartsnigeria. We believe we have the best talents with different background that help support the building of carpartnigeria.

Jide Shobande Chief Financial Officer,

Feyi Olayeye Business Development Director,

Lesley Lumbu, Tech Dir. &Quality Assurance Mgr,

What was technically the most challenging part of starting this business?

Developing the platform Marketplace from scratch bearing in mind that we wanted to build a search aggregator as the theme of the site. At the same time ensuring the eCommerce qualities are upheld. This is immediately followed by lack of power and cost of Internet bandwidth in Africa.

How did you get the funding? Is it just from your pocket? or you have partners?

Out of my pocket and the partners.

So far, how was your business doing? I mean, of course I assume you have competitors, so how are you making sure that people will remember CarParts Nigeria and that they’ll buy again from you? is a search engine aggregator for all auto spare parts and also a place to search and engage the BEST auto service artisans. It’s also the FIRST realtime Auto Auction platform in Africa. These are all unique features in the Nigeria market. We have created a bargaining environment for the consumers like no other site in the country. We are saving them money through price comparisons and saving them time through convenient shopping. We have over 500000 hits monthly now, Over 5000 registered buyers, Over 500 registered vendors across the nation. And we are growing faster than anticipated.

Can you tell me a little bit about your products? What are the services offered?

§Vendor Listing — We are sell subscription services to Vendors to promote their auto products or services online by creating an environment that allows users to search multiple vendor inventories for products and services. We also advertise their services through our online AD pages, social media and SEO which is directly targeted for the industry.

§Auto and Parts Sales — We are a fully functional eCommerce site. You can purchase auto products online.

§Car Listing service- Allow individuals and dealers to list their cars for sale on our listing platform

§Car Auction Listing — We list customer product in an online auction for the general public to bid and buy their products.

§Advertising — Also offer Advertisement pages to businesses to advertise their products

Do you offer parts of different car models like Chevrolet, Honda, Hyundai etc., or do you cater parts of only one car model?

Since we have a marketplace and sell various vendors’ products, our inventory offers various makes and models. So we do cater to all brands and models.

How much is the most expensive car part you have right now and what is that car part? (just a price range)

Gear Box — Listed for $1500

As of the moment, how many stores/branches do you have?

We are an online platform with over 500 vendors across the country Nigeria. We have already started building vendors in Ghana as well.

What are your plans in the future for CarParts Nigeria? Do you vision to go worldwide?

We have Ghana now on course, we are looking at other African countries and we have contacts in about seven African countries like Kenya, Angola, Congo Senegal etc. Once we dominate the Nigerian market, then other African countries will key in. We intend to make a robust site where buyers will meet sellers on anything pertaining to vehicles across the continent.

In one word, how would you describe CarParts Nigeria?


In one sentence, how would you market CarParts Nigeria?

ANS: Carpartsnigeria is a Marketplace for auto Parts and Services, where buyers find difficult parts, reduced high prices and where trustworthy vendors compete trading Genuine products and services.

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