Bernie Should Consider Gwen Moore

Alan Schultz
Jun 25, 2015 · 8 min read
We must ask U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I -VT) to consider U.S. Congresswoman Gwen S. Moore (D -WI) for his Vice Presidential running mate. She is basically another version of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D -MA). She co-sponsored the Dodd-Frank act, pushed through law enforcement legislation adding funds to mental health training, and was even arrested while protesting for a $15 minimum wage for the fast-food workers in Milwaukee. A perfect running mate for Bernie.

Bernie Sanders is beginning to gain momentum with his grassroots campaign, but where is his potential Vice Presidential running mate?

Why not a woman with little disimilar about her politically than Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) Massachusetts?

How about strong advocacy for women’s rights, co-sponsor of the Dodd-Frank Act, pro-$15 dollar minimum wage for fast-food workers?

She recently pushed through legislation that increases Mental Health training for state and local law enforcement on the national-level, right when the country has been demanding more police accountability.

A graduate of the very same Marquette University that Governor Scott Walker –GOP Presidential hopeful didn’t graduate.

Gwendolynne Sophia “Gwen” Moore (born April 18, 1951) is the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 4th congressional district, serving since 2005. She is a member of the Democratic Party.

We’re speaking of Congresswoman Gwendolynne S. Moore of Wisconsin’s 4th District. A graduate of Milwaukee’s North Division High School, B.A. from Marquette and of her personal penchant for progressive politics. She is familiar with the pitfalls of Congress and understands what is necessary to accomplish great change politically.

Gwen Moore discusses the Violence Against Women Act on the House floor and shares her personal story with domestic violence.

Just as much of a joy to listen to as Elizabeth Warren, the congresswoman exhibits many qualities that are quite admirable for someone a socialist, populist, or liberal –in general- would like to share a ticket with. also compiled enough research between the two to confirm -both Elizabeth and Gwen- have similar stances with but a quick comparison of their congressional voting histories. If the Warren presidential hopefuls want to see a similar candidate they should look no further than this congresswoman.

Warren supporters must however demonstrate caution with their exhuberance when wishing for Elizabeth to possibly announce herself as a presidential or vice presidential candidate though, please realize that we need her in the Senate. If Bernie Sanders were to make it into office the average American will need a woman like her fillibustering the destructive legislation that makes it to the floor while promoting and drafting new bills to repair our country. Elizabeth Warren is necessary where she is already, but Gwen Moore is currently in the U.S. House (there are plenty aspiring politicians jockeying for those seats) and the 4th district of Wisconsin has politicians ready and willing to fill her role. Gwen would be missed as a Representative but could prove to be a welcome voice of the disenfranchised of this nation, she’d make for a profound VP.

A long history of her own in the political realm to match Bernie Sanders as well, she was a housing officer of the Wisconsin Housing and Development Authority. Has formerly been a member of the Wisconsin state assembly between the years 1989–1992 and previous member of the Wisconsin state senate from 1993–2004. As well as President pro tempore, a high-ranking state senator of the Wisconsin’s majority party (Democrats at the time) who presided over the Wisconsin Senate in the absence of the Wisconsin’s Senate vice president for 1 year, 1997–1998.

Ultimately, she was elected as a Democrat to the 109th United States House of Representatives and to the five succeeding Congresses, and still currently making splashes on occasion on the political scenes.

With certain demographics feeling left out of Bernie Sanders campaign’s crosshairs why haven’t we heard her name tossed out? Imagine the ramifications to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign hopes in Wisconsin where Bernie polled just 8 points behind her with the state’s surveyed Democrats (Wisconsin straw poll). She would be another strong woman’s voice that is willing to openly discuss issues that matter now just as much as HRC.

Many of the Hillary supporters are unwilling to budge on trusting Bernie Sanders much either. The congresswoman could help garner more women supporters for Bernie’s campaign. It would lend credibility and trust of the potential female Democratic Primary voters, especially in a battleground state such as Wisconsin.

Gwen has also been both critical of the austerity in play in our government. She has both been able to have great success in her bipartisanship record while still holding steadfast to her core values when necessary. A very shrewd woman with great foresight on when to move on specific policies.

In a meeting with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel opinion and news writers Jan. 22, U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore offers her assessment of how President Barack Obama is doing in his second term.

Unabashedly unflinching, Gwen Moore has been placed in the face of many intense interviews with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporters (as well as national media outlets). In a media exclusive with the congresswoman she discussed the difficult topic of her thoughts and feelings encompassing President Barack Obama’s performance in office. She did not hesitate to speak about both his accomplishments and his shortcomings. A woman of truly outstanding altruistic character.

An advocate for both the impoverished and the LGBT community, Gwen Moore co-sponsored the The Runaway & Homeless Youth Act 2013 an amendment (Reconnecting Homeless Youth Act 2008) meant to offer more protections for a particularly marginalized demographic. She was also in favor Americans For Marriage Equality, the right to choose whoever you want to in matters of matrimony. The LGBT community would stand to benefit greatly by paying special attention to this ardent ally of their agenda.

Wisconsin Congresswoman Gwen Moore and a majority of Americans support marriage equality.

Only Gwen would have the unique advantage of being able to speak from her own history growing up alongside poverty while simultaneously witnessing the disproportionate plight of the black communities of America, all from a woman’s perspective. She knows that racism as well as sexism run deeply through the politics of this country.

No stranger to poverty, the congresswoman understands the importance of protecting Planned Parenthood. Demonstrating her morals, she argued against The Pence Amendment put forth with large GOP support. Gwen has been a champion of the Pro-Choice movement and scientific-based sexual education proponents in this country.

Rep. Gwen Moore (D-WI) In Opposition to the Pence Amendment

She openly rallies against the policies that continue to leave Milwaukee one of the most segregated and impoverished larger metropolitan areas in the entire nation. And understands just how heart wrenching gun violence is to everyone. While Milwaukee experiences its own garden variety gun-related violence, Wisconsin has had the Oak Creek Sikh Temple Shooting, the Brookfield Azana Salon and Spa tragedy, and the recent Trestle Trail bridge attack in Menasha.

On August 5, 2012, 40-year-old Wade Michael Page fatally shot six people and wounded four others at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Page committed suicide by shooting himself in the head after he was shot in the stomach by a responding police officer.

This is especially pivotal right now given Governor Walker’s removal of the 48 hour ‘cool down’ period on handgun purchases coupled with his presidential aspirations. Her views are directly at odds with the Governor’s especially since it puts women at risk for more violent consequences in domestic abuse situations. This relaxation in regulations also will increase the risk of suicides being completed via quickly purchased weapons, I can’t imagine a woman who strengthened funding for mental health training of law enforcement (state and local on a national-level) would be in favor of that type of political move either.

Governor Walker -as well as Wisconsin’s GOP- also came under fire from Congresswoman Moore in an article she wrote called “Food stamps for filet mignon? Hardly” published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel June 6th,2015. She cried foul against the attempts by his administration and its GOP legislative supporters to attack Food-share recipients of the state of Wisconsin by limiting what they can purchase with their allocated funds. The measures do nothing other than ostracize the poor and she eloquently demonstrated that she stands against that type of tyrannical political pandering, despite a staunch opposition from the Walker camp.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore Questions Governor Scott Walker before Congressional Committee

Walker has also been directly under fire -in a very enlightening commitee meeting- from Congresswoman Moore before. She also revealed a wealth of knowledge to us surrounding her character and class when she was forced to critique a technical colleague, essentially reprimanding Governor Walker for his ill-fated budgeting. Congresswoman Moore manages to remain fair and humane in her decisions and dissentions.

We must not ignore her cultural history either. Gwen S. Moore has ALWAYS been an advocate for what is best for not just her black community, but the nation’s collective black community. Who better to have in at least a Vice Presidential role in the wake of the Charleston, SC racially motivated domestic terrorist act, perpetrated by Dylann Storm Roof? Who better to put the Conservatives’ “feet-to-fire” for continuing to ‘whitewash’ the current Confederate flag debates?

Rep. Gwen S. Moore (D-WI) offered an amendment that would increase funding for state and local law enforcement assistance programs dealing with mental health by $2 million and reduce funding for the federal prison system by the same amount.

She has came out against the lack of training with regards to law enforcement in this country as well. On June 16th, 2015, The Guardian published an article written by Gwen Moore on the need for more training for law enforcement so that they can better tackle the difficulties of serving citizens with mental health concerns. She backed her opinion up as well by pushing through legislation that directly increased funding for the training nationwide of state and local law enforcement officials.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore detained at fast food protest.

An activist too, she has been arrested for protesting in support of a $15 an hour minimum wage for the fast-food employees in Milwaukee. The very same $15 dollar an hour minimum wage Bernie Sanders advocates for openly. She recognizes the lack of ability by the average laborer to effectively survive with a stagnated wage rate.

She even co-sponsored the Dodd-Frank Act that Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders fervently supported. It’s the very same Act that addresses a few of the major factors driving the wealth disparity of this country, essentially Bernie Sanders key focus for this campaign. How can we let this prime choice for Vice President slip from our grasp? We can’t and we shouldn’t.

Bernie Sanders supporters and Elizabeth Warren supporters alike should really be trying to get Gwen Moore and Bernie discussing the grand possibilities of combining efforts in a rapidly developing and historically opportune juncture in United States politics.

COMPARE Moore and Warren here:
Gwen Moore:
Elizabeth Warren:

Contact both at the following:



Washington DC Office
2245 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225–4572

District Office
316 N Milwaukee St STE 406
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: (414) 297–1140
Fax: (414) 297–1086


Washington DC Office
332 Dirksen Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224–5141
Fax: (202) 228–0776

Burlington Office
1 Church Street, Suite 300
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 862–0697
Phone: (800) 339–9834
Fax: (802) 860–6370

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Milwaukee Motivated

Milwaukee Motivated is meant to inspire people of all generations and communities to learn, discuss, and combine efforts to help make Milwaukee better.

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