Counter Protest of “Police Lives Matter”

Counter protesters of Police Lives Matter came out to make sure no one forgets the atrocities and oppression perpetuated by many law enforcement officers today -especially against the Black community. (Photo courtesy of Mary Watkins)

It certainly was an interesting counter protest today at the Hardee’s in St. Francis, Wisconsin. People came out in favor of “Police Lives Matter”, despite deaths of officers being at a national low currently and while African American deaths at the hands of officers hasn’t been quite as obvious in decades. There were about 8 of these Police Lives Matter protesters to our 16 counter protesters. We were in support of Black Lives Matter, the arresting, indicting, and sentencing of those officers who are corrupt, murderous, and dangers to the neighborhoods they are supposed to protect.

The guy in the Harley jacket is the misogynist who made remarks about raping two of the counter protesters and the man being chased by Vaun who stole his flag in front of police never was apprehended. (Video courtesy of Mary Watkins.)

Vaun Mayes did his “F#ck Yo Flag” agitation stepping on the American flag to demonstrate how the flag and this country hasn’t represented Black citizens since it’s inception. Suddenly, a man dashed from the parking lot and snatched the flag Vaun was standing on and ran off with it, mind you this was right in front of St. Francis police officers who did absolutely nothing to protect Vaun’s property -the flag he purchased and was stepping on. This precisely shows exactly what Vaun means when he says the laws only favor White Americans since it is obvious that a man stole his property and there were officers only 30 feet away who witnessed the entire situation unfolding and yet did nothing.

Vaun Mayes of the “F#ck Yo Flag” movement shows how little the American flag has meant to African Americans by utilizing his right to free speech — which was encroached upon by a Police Lives Matter supporter who stole his flag. (Photo Courtesy of Mary Watkins)

Shortly after that altercation a Trump supporter yelling about “Make America Great Again” who fancied himself as being a man was cheering on the thief who stole Vaun’s property. When he finished exclaiming his joy for the theft that took place and law enforcement not enforcing the laws they are supposed to, he began making misogynistic remarks to the women who were protesting against Police Lives Matter. He made remarks sexually objectifying them and also accosted them by screaming something regarding ‘raping’ these women.

One of the St. Francis police officers who refused to equally uphold the law and refused to address the concerns of community members making complaints directly to him as offenses occurred against the counter protesters. (Video courtesy of Mary Watkins)

When the protesters against Police Lives Matter began to call the man out on his remarks the police sensed that the man may have overstepped his bounds and tried to tell the man to disperse. The officer shook hands with the misogynist who was talking about the women negatively and proceeded to continue to ignore our pleas for the arrest of the man who stole Vaun’s flag. Throughout the entire protest it was extremely apparent who the officers were really protecting and it wasn’t those who were demanding accountability.

This was the gentleman who was open carrying and talking to women about wanting to see his penis when confronted about his sidearm being a “phantom” one — the sidearm is obstructed by his position in the picture. (Photo courtesy of Mary Watkins)

Another gentleman who was protesting against Police Lives Matter -but was not a part of the larger organized counter protest- who was some ‘gun rights’ wing-nut made many people uncomfortable as well with an openly carried sidearm. One side of his sign read “All Lives Matter” and the other side read “Shiny Badges Do Not Grant Extra Rights,” so he was partially on one side and partially on another with his perspective. Unfortunately he decided to openly carry, and when asked about why he was carrying he exclaimed it was to prevent people from rushing his house or to protect him from harm. But upon further questioning of his reasoning behind openly carrying he essentially threatened the two women protesters when he said he should have brought his AR-15. To which I said, “Does your phantom penis make you feel more like a man?” And he -instead of responding to me- retorted to the women protesters, “Do you want to see my penis?” Obviously that was a shocking moment.

Finally, I asked an officer as well why it was that the gentleman who was openly carrying wasn’t being asked about his permit or whether his weapon was legal? I asked this to prove the difference in treatment of White open carry activists versus Black open carry activists, if that man would have been African American he would have been detained and had a fierce interrogation and yet because he wasn’t African American he was not accosted. The double standards flying about this protest and the preferential treatment by St. Francis officers towards the Police Lives Matter supporters was abundantly obvious.

Here is about half of the Police Lives Matter protesters that came out, it seemed the majority of those who were law enforcement supporters prefered to opt for giving people the middle finger and circling in their pickup trucks and SUVs instead of standing in solidarity with others with their viewpoint. (Photo courtesy of Mary Watkins)

So in conclusion, many of the actions today should have obviously shown to those who didn’t already know -just how ineffective and selective officers are with their treatment of citizens. It should also be apparent that if you don’t believe and support officers to the extent they desire it is perfectly fine to allow your property to be stolen. And as for demonstrating poise while on duty, St. Francis police certainly deserve a grade of “F” for being f#cked up in the supposedly equal application of the laws they are supposed to uphold for all citizens.

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