Ben & Jerry’s Sets The Gold Standard For Franchisees

By Mimi Reeder

I remember when I first came to the United States, I fell in love with the state of Maine. There were beautiful forests and wonderful harbors with lovely boats. People seemed so happy and content there. And it was in the beautiful town of Ogunquit, Maine, (top photo) that I landed my first job in America at the local Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop, mostly scooping their delicious product into the cups and cones of tourists(bottom photo, that’s me on the right with a co-worker).

Ogunquit, ME

Ben & Jerry’s was an amazing business operation. It was so clean and everyone and everything in the shop operated at peak efficiency. The company had earned the community’s respect by its civic involvement and commitment to social justice issues.

It was a fun and great experience working here.

I hadn’t realized at that time that the shop that I was working at was actually a franchise of Ben & Jerry’s. Franchising was a concept that a new immigrant from Bulgaria, like myself, was not familiar with. Now, fast forward to now, ten years later, and here I am working in the Chicago area as an established franchise broker and accountant, working with a client in developing a business plan and securing financing to become a Ben & Jerry’s franchisee.

My Ben & Jerry’s work experience ten years ago has been an integral part of counseling my client. I tell the client that Ben and Jerry’s standards are high. Cleanliness, efficiency, great customer service and civic-mindedness are all part of the Ben & Jerry’s brand. If the client is totally committed to all these, I believe that success will be the natural outcome.

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