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How To Stake $PAR & Earn APY on Mimo DeFi

To continue adding value & features to our coins and holders of the world’s first decentralized euro stablecoin, Mimo has opened up a staking contract that allows the community to earn an APY for their $PAR.

Staking is simple and only requires a couple steps in the app. Following along and stake your $PAR at mimo.capital/mining.

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The Rewards

$PAR Staking rewards distribute both an APY in $PAR and in $MIMO.

Just like any of Mimo’s other pools or earning contracts, your $MIMO can be claimed from the main claiming prompt and directly in the staking section.

The Process

  1. Choose your network, Staking is supported on both ethereum & Polygon
  2. If you haven’t already, Mint $PAR
  3. Navigate to Mimo.capital/mining
  4. Under PAR Staking, connect your wallet & approve the protocol to access your $PAR
  5. Set an amount of $PAR you’d like to stake
  6. Approve

Check back to watch your daily issuance grow & be sure to stake your rewarded $MIMO to stack greater APYs & increase your voting power!

As always, feel free to reach out to the team at Mimo and the rest of the community over on Telegram & Twitter.

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