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Mimo Community Digest #000

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We’re excited to present you, our dear community, a curated and premium roundup of everything going on in our little world of DeFi, Mimo’s latest happenings & updates, the who’s-who of crypto tycoons featured in our Podcast, and our the endless updates + discussions the Mimo community is always up to.

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The Mimo DeFi Podcast

Releasing bi-weekly, The Mimo DeFi Podcast features the greatest minds you’re probably familiar with — and others we’re excited to introduce you to.

During the first four episodes of the show, we have welcomed incredible figures including Li Jiang of Harmony, Jeremy Musighi of Balancer Labs, and Peter Saddington over at Emrit.io.

For a collection of all the places to find, listen, and watch the show, click here!

Should you have any ideas, comments, suggestions, or want to be featured on the show, drop us a line in Telegram or Twitter.

#DubaiDeFi Hackathon

The results are in and they’re incredible.

If you haven’t been following along the #DubaiDeFi Hackathon on Mimo’s Twitch, join in now and catch yourself up.

Mimo Announcing Hackathon Winners

In collaboration with Harmony, Stacktical Team, Fantom Foundation, and Cyborg @SwissBorg, we’re proud to have announced the winners and present solutions to the rest of the community.



For the past month, JeanBrasse.eth has been spearheading the latest Curve Pool on Jarvis.

This development ushers in a new pool for $PAR holders to participate in and benefit from Mimo’s incentives and APYs.

Enter the Pool and stake your CPT for $MIMO rewards today…

Mimo Mining

More $MIMO. More Voting Power.

Want to shape the future of Mimo and the new world of finance even more than you were able to yesterday?

Mimo’s Voting Lock feature allows holders to set a duration of time to lock up their $MIMO, enjoy greater voting power (up to 4x in vMIMO), and receive a constant flow of APY rewards in the meantime.

Watch the video above or visit our YouTube channel for more thorough instructions on how to get this all done on your own.

While that wraps this week’s release, stay tuned for more and keep an eye out on Twitter for the bleeding edge of all Mimo’s updates.

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