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Monthly Mimo LIVE | Dec. 2021

We’ve kicked off 2022 early initiating our live, monthly Mimo Update brought to you directly from the desk of our CEO — Claude Eguineta!

This month’s roundup was intense with plenty of updates that were released before the new year and going over what to expect in 2022. Tune in live and join the conversion with Claude by following on Twitch here »

Swissborg Partnership

Following the launch of $MIMO on Swissborg, Claude takes us through more of what to expect from the collaboration coming very soon.

“This is just the beginning of the collaboration between Mimo & Swissborg”

Mimo & Cyborg @SwissBorg are working side-by-side to ensure better yields and rewards are distributed to users properly. Those participating in the Mimo protocol or on Swissborg are the subjects of these discussions.

Mimo is just our first token on Swissborg. Learn more about the partnership by checking out the Pow Wow we had with CHSB as well here…

$PAR Staking

We’ve had plenty of demand for people to stake $PAR and receive yield. There’s now a simple way to take your PAR and earn an APY on the stablecoin.


Available on Ethereum & Polygon, PAR Staking is easy enough for any DeFi beginner by simply depositing on our mining page and claiming rewards as they accrue.

PAR Staking and other features rolling out this month are the foundational groundwork that will allow future projects and organizations to integrate alongside Mimo and utilize the benefits of our stablecoins as well.

Reopening Alpha

Mimo is shipping more and more features and updates. As a result of this, we are going to ship more directly to Alpha for those much more comfortable with the risk. We hope to collect feedback, guidance, and new and innovative thoughts from our incredible community as we keep Mimo.Capital on the bleeding edge of DeFi.

We’re excited to let the community in on newer features, learn how everything is received, and create a strong feedback loop in the form of community discussion & governance to help us direct the project.

You may visit the Alpha web app here: https://alpha.mimo.capital/


November’s Dubai DeFi Hackathon was a major success that brought many new features that are on the top of the list to be implemented.

The 2 primary features that came out of the hackathon are:

  1. $PAR Peg Insurance
  2. Leveraged Vaults

Peg Insurance, although live on Mimo’s contracts, is not yet live on the interface itself. This feature allows the community to bet for the peg instead of against the peg. Yield is coming on both sides now. For more information please head to 10:25 on the Live!

Leveraged Vaults will give the community access to borrow $PAR using the value of underlying assets purchased with borrowed $PAR. This feature is coming to Polygon first.


Between the new Jarvis Pools, Swissborg’s integration, and various other community efforts that are integrating Mimo, there are more establishments and outside communities looking to do the same and collaborate with Mimo and our stablecoins.

Be sure to check out Mimo on Twitch so you can join the next LIVE and get your questions answered by the team themselves. Finally, find us on Twitter or Telegram and we’d be happy to help and answer any questions.



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