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PAR Token by Mimo DeFi Protocol Now Available on SwissBorg

The first fully decentralized euro stablecoin, backed by a DeFi safety reserve, is now accessible to the entire SwissBorg community

Cyborg @SwissBorg has become the most robust platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies among countries of the European community thanks to its agile connection interface with banks that use different currencies in the EU. Now, SwissBorg will offer its users access to PAR, Mimo’s stablecoin algorithmically pegged to the euro, thus fulfilling the demand of its community to be able to allocate value in the native currency of the eurozone.

With the PAR stablecoin, the Mimo DeFi Protocol offers yields to SwissBorg users by allowing them to stake PAR tokens.

Euro interest rates are negative. Shortly, PAR on Swissborg will yield the highest APYs of any euro stablecoin. You’ll earn more interest in our euro-centric protocol than in a euro bank! This is the power of DeFi and Mimo, and the Swissborg community is now a part of it.

Mimo and SwissBorg — two companies that operate with their main focus on the European market, sharing the same vision and values such as meritocracy and its community centered approach, have solidified their collaborative alliance to offer their users the first stablecoin algorithmically backed by the strength of the Euro, that will feature automated annual returns in an over-collateralized, euro-pegged stablecoin, powered by blockchain technology.

This alliance encourages the adoption of the PAR token by making it immediately available to the SwissBorg’s client base, thus contributing to both the need for investors to acquire a yield enabling euro-centric token, as well as to increase the spread and speed of adoption of the PAR token in its natural market.

Acquire the first stablecoin pegged to the euro and get additional earnings through liquidity mining. Access crypto-collateralized loans through the SwissBorg cryptocurrency investment platform with the simplicity to do it in any currency in the European region.

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