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4 min readApr 9, 2021

UPDATE April 2022:
The 1-year claim period has officially ended. We will keep the community updated on how these tokens will be used in the future for the good of the protocol.

If you held PAY or TENX tokens on your Ethereum wallet by a snapshot taken on the Ethereum blockchain on April 1st at 10 am SG time block 12150805, you are entitled to claim MIMO tokens.

The conditions are as follow:

For every address that was holding PAY on Apr 1, block 12150805: 0.24 MIMO for each PAY token that they were holding

For every address that was holding TENX on Apr 1, block 12150805: 0.37 TENX for each TENX that they were holding

For every address that was part of the Dec 2018 PAY snapshot but did not claim their TENX tokens: 0.37 MIMO for each unclaimed TENX token

For every address that ever held TENX (even if it’s 0 now): 0.24 MIMO for each unclaimed PAY reward

In order to claim your MIMO tokens, please follow the following steps. If you have trouble, to connect your address to Metamask or Walletconnect, please scroll down to check the option to claim for a different address.

  1. Open on your browser the following link:

2. Paste the Ethereum wallet address that participated in the snapshot on the Lookup tab. This allows you to find out how many MIMO tokens you are entitled to claim.

3. Select the Claim tab and then click on Connect Wallet.

4. Please select a wallet to connect it with the protocol. For this example, we’re using Metamask.

5. Execute the Claim function by confirming the required Gas Fees on Metamask.

6. You have successfully claimed your MIMO tokens!

7. Now it’s time to check on Metamask for your MIMO tokens. Open your App and click on Add Token (Token hinzufügen).

8. Please paste the MIMO token contract on the Custom Token tab. The contract is the following: 0x90b831fa3bebf58e9744a14d638e25b4ee06f9bc

9. Now, you can check your MIMO balance on your Ethereum wallet and proceed to add it on Metamask by clicking on Add Token (Token hinzufügen).

10. You have now added your MIMO tokens to your Metamask wallet.

11. It is now part of the digital assets of your portfolio. Congratulations!


I am having trouble connecting the Ethereum Wallet eligible for claiming the MIMO token. I have tried to connect my wallet through Metamask or
WalletConnect, but I haven’t succeeded so far. What should I do?

You can pay and initiate the claim transaction using a different ethereum address than the eligible address for claiming the MIMO that participated in the snapshot on April 1st.
The eligible address that participated in the snapshot will receive the MIMO token.

Step 1: Connect the wallet you will be using to pay and initiate the claim transaction to the website:
Step 2: Switch to the Lookup tab and paste the eligible address to claim the MIMO token.
Step 3: Press ‘Claim’ and pay for the transaction.
Step 4: Wait for the transaction to be confirmed and completed.
Step 5: Congratulations! You’ve now successfully claimed your MIMO tokens on the wallet that participated in the snapshot.

I had my PAY or TENX token on an exchange at the moment the snapshot was taken. What should I do to claim the MIMO token?

Please check if the wallet address of the exchange where you’re holding the PAY or TENX tokens on the snapshot date for April 1st has already claimed the MIMO tokens. In case someone has already claimed for the exchange where you had your tokens, please ask the support team of your exchange to send you the amount of MIMO tokens you’re eligible as stated in the following blog post:



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