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Klodio live w/ JDC — Summary

Find a summary of Klodio’s interview with JDC.

Mimo has been working hard over the past year, developing solutions to address the changing macro environment caused by the pandemic and rising interest rates & inflation. The company’s primary focus in 2022 was the tokenization of RWA (Real-World-Assets), and while the year appeared quiet from the outside, Mimo was busy building and creating those new solutions.

It is first necessary to note that Jean Brasse’s recent article on protocol strategy is only about the protocol strategy and not the company’s overall strategy. Klodio plans to release an article soon that will delve into Mimo’s overall strategy for the future.

One of the exciting developments for Mimo in 2023 is the launch of Kuma, which aims to tokenize different types of bonds, commodities, and even shares in the near future. Mimo has been working hard on regulatory compliance to ensure a smooth launch, and the goal is to create a synergy between these tokenized assets and the DeFi sector.

Regarding USK stablecoins, their minting is limited to those who own tokenized bonds. Users will buy a bond in the form of an NFT and then swap it for USK tokens, with interest accumulating automatically just by holding the tokens. While the company takes a portion of the bond’s interest when initially purchased, the DAO controls the contract governing the USK.

There has been significant demand so far for USK, a solution that did not exist before because interest rates have never been this high since the advent of crypto. Mimo’s future plans include focusing on bonds in Q1 and, in Q2, the tokenization of new types of assets, including the energy sector and bitcoin mining. New currencies are also planned to be added.

Mimo’s significant advantage over its competitors is that it’s a regulated and licensed entity. While some may have a different target audience, Mimo primarily focuses on DeFi and will aim to collaborate with other protocols. For instance, Aave, with their USD stablecoin GHO, could be considered.

While the first audit went well, a second audit with Code4rena is currently being conducted. The protocol deployment is imminent, with a launch expected in March.

An exciting year ahead for Mimo.

Live replay: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1739923652



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