How to upload photos on Instagram from your computer

Instagram nows let you upload pictures from their mobile website, which opens the doors to easily posting from your laptop.

Step 1 — Open the Instagram website from your browser

Just open it like any other time.

Step 2 — Right click anywhere on the site and choose “Inspect” to open the developer tools

It will pop the window or panel where you normally can inspect and toy around with the website code.

Step 3- Select the “Toggle device toolbar” option

It is located on the top-left area of the Developer Tools window.

Step 4- Choose for a mobile phone layout and Voilá!

In this case I used the iPhone 6 plus to make a bit bigger.

Noticed the camera icon on the lower part?

If you click it it will open your normal upload dialogue window. Happy posting!

This is especially useful if you, like me, have to work with multiple clients doing agency work!

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