Collaboration by security forces provides adequate and safe environment for the Rio 2016 Games

By Brigadier General Mauro Sinott Lopes, Commander of the Joint Command for Terrorism Prevention and Control (CCPCT)

Defesa-Militares em Deodoro — Foto Mario Tama-Getty Images

As the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games draw closer, we have witnessed increased concerns with security issues. This is perfectly understandable considering that we Brazilians want this big festivity that our Country will be staging to be a successful. Due to recent incidents in other continents, one particular security issue has attracted the attention of all spectators: the terrorist threat.

Brazil is a peaceful country given its stance in the international arena and no history of terrorist attacks on its territory. However, it should be pointed out that terrorist groups inherently seek a high profile impact at the international level. The Olympics are an amazing “media window of opportunity” since it puts the host country under the world’s spotlight. This should be viewed as a fact of life and security forces must be prepared for this threat.

Defesa-Tomaz Silva-Agência Brasil

The increasingly concerted efforts between federal and state security forces and the armed forces has been one of the greatest legacies of the Major Events hosted by Brazil. As these events are held, we have honed our ability to operate in an inter-agency environment; gained more experience in planning this sort of operation; provided joint training and improved our personnel’s skills to tackle terrorism. Thus, aligned and coordinated efforts have afforded the security forces greater ability to identify terrorist threats and deploy the best means to protect citizens in a timely manner.

The security forces in the various levels across the Country have joined forces with other Brazilian agencies with the primary goal of providing an adequate and safe environment for the Rio 2016 Games
Foto: Gilberto Alves/MD

In addition, a major integrated effort is to raise awareness of terrorist threats. Terrorism awareness courses are intended to “open the eyes” of citizens to be able to spot suspicious actions and situations. It is clear that Brazilians are now gradually enhancing their perception of terrorism based on the discussions on the subject prompted by the Major Events and the recent terrorist acts around the world. This is quite positive in that every citizen becomes a security champion.

I hope everyone enjoys the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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