Simplify. — Social Media

I, like probably many of you, have tried many times to simply leave social media. To the few who have done it successfully, kudos! However, living in this modern society, especially across the country from my friends and family, I have found that social media still provides the simplest way to share my life and stay in touch with those who matter most to me. Isn’t it easier to share a photo album on Facebook rather than have the person sit down in a chair with you and watch a horribly long slideshow from your most recent vacation…

Rather than leave social media altogether I have found that it is easiest to try and simplify it instead.


Keep the friends. Clean-out the News Feed.

Just as one does spring cleaning for the household, it’s always good to do some spring cleaning for your digital life.

Yes, this will sound tedious, and yes, this may take some time at first, but instead of deleting friends (which may unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings) spend an hour or two while you’re watching TV or listening to music just scrolling through that News Feed, clicking that itty bitty down-arrow at the top-right of someone’s post, and clicking that sweet, sweet “Unfollow” button.

Even your closest friends can spam you with some of the most annoying memes and articles in existence. Unfollow Them. It’s not that difficult to catch up by going to the user’s profile and reading the posts on their timeline. You can even unfollow/hide posts shared from a specific source if that one friend is always bombarding your newsfeed with posts from “Gaming Memes” or something of the sort.

Try to get the number of people in your News Feed down to your closest circle of friends and/or the people that impact your immediate life (as people tend to come into and out of our lives very easily).

Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Unfollow. Unsubscribe. Chances are the majority of what you follow or subscribe to is distracting you from the life you want to live.

Create separate personal and professional accounts. For example, you may be an artist looking to share his/her portfolio, trying to sell his/her art, or looking for inspiration. Chances are you tend to be on one account more than the other. Separating these accounts can help you organize this information in your brain. Modularize.

Turn-off notifications for all social media apps. There’s no reason that an Instagram or Facebook Like needs to disrupt your life in the real world.

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