#1. Beginning

There are two major themes as my thesis subject. The subject may totally change later, but it will be good to start with ideas and questions coming into my mind these days.

1. Life documenting / Recorded data

Q1. How to document one’s life well

  • What is the best way to document one’s life in the present age.(Journals? Apps? or Social Media?)
  • What can be Manually recorded? Thoughts, Feeling, etc.
  • What can be Automatically recorded? Journey, Location, etc.
  • Can it be narrowed down? Travel, Fitness, Sleep, Hobby, Food, etc.

Q2. How to show recorded data well

  • How to organize those data?
  • Privacy problems?
  • How to make it meaningful for looking back past memories
  • How to make it easy to check current status and fixing behavior if it’s needed.
  • http://bit.ly/2cVtjT8
  • http://bit.ly/2cSosUh

2. Museum Experience