#2. Take a step in uncertainty

After sharing my thesis topic for the first time last week, I’ve got one certainty and plenty of uncertainties. What I was convinced is that life documenting topic, between my two initial topics, is what I can pursue at this time for my thesis. When I get confused for decision making, I usually bounce off people’s responses. And this time again, I love both topics, life documenting and museum experience. But after presenting them to people, I realized people mainly gave me feedbacks about life documenting topic. Maybe it because of my past project; A Collection of My Favorite Memories. I already did the project relating to this theme before so they all know what I cares about. Or this topic is something everyone sympathized? I don’t know. But thing is people interested in that topic, and I like that topic. Then why not continue this topic for thesis?

How to document life well and look back it well

With assurance that I know this topic well, because already I did it, I started to ask myself: “So what do you want to make?” “What is the problem you want to solve?” “Why is it important?”. Against my expectation, answering those question was not easy actually. I mean, when I first started this topic as my previous project, I just don’t want to loose my past precious memories. Since writing daily journal is not easy, I suggested to record only favorite memories on the journal so that you can write and revisit memories without burdens. It was a kind of solution of this topic at that time. Then, for now, what I want to do? I realized that it’s not easy to continue another project under the same theme. My certainty became uncertainty. I needed a fresh approach. My thesis instructors suggested few exercises that help thesis developments. And Image cluster critique and random conversation with people really helped me to extend my view.

For early brainstorming, I made an image cluster that inspires me in some ways. And with a image cluster, I had a time to discuss my thoughts and concerns about the topic and hear their thoughts. What I want to get through this exercise is check if they understand what I cares about through the image cluster and if this topic is matter to them, not only me, before ideation phase.

This exercise really helped me to form and organize my perspectives on my topic. Through the conversation, I convinced this topic is what other peoples care about too. Also, I found interesting things that even someone don’t record their memories regularly using traditional methods like journaling, every person (maybe not every), have their unique way to record certain memories like flight information, backup email, collecting tickets, something like that. So it will be good to start research how people records in their unique way. And also, I found out common problems with dealing with huge amount of past data, which is revisit-able or not? And these days, I can see many organizations started to think about how to filter those data and show meaningful data to each user. So it is also worth to research.

Still, I’m in the uncertainty world. I don’t know what I want to make for now, it’s definitely too broad. But through these exercises, I feel I stepped forward to right direction. Actually, it’s painful to work in uncertainty, but at the same time feels good to find out what I really interested in. Okay, feels that thesis really begin!

I’m really open to any thoughts and ideas about life documentation, if you are interested in the topic, feel free to leave a comment or email me! lifelongrecord@gmail.com