Mind AI launches private token sale on Bitsonic exchange

Sales begin Nov. 12 for Bitsonic members

Mind AI is pleased to announce an exclusive private token sale on the Bitsonic exchange beginning Monday, Nov. 12.

This sale will be open to members of the South Korean exchange Bitsonic, one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. Bitsonic will offer the tokens on its Easybuy platform. Creating an account is free, but requires a Korean telephone number.


Where can I participate?

You can go directly to Bitsonic’s Easybuy page to participate:

Note that you must be a member of the Bitsonic exchange to be eligible.

What is the price?

The token price is 1 OMAI = 0.00005 ETH. For reference, if 1 ETH is trading at 200 USD, 1 OMAI will be worth $0.01 USD. Please note that the exchange rate of ETH to USD fluctuates daily.

Is there a bonus for this private sale?

Participants in this private sale will receive a bonus token award starting at 50%. A purchase of 5,000 OMAI, at a cost of 0.25 ETH, will receive a bonus award of 2,500 OMAI. Bonus amount will decrease periodically over time.

Is there a lockup period?

Tokens will be locked up for 150 days after the date the tokens are listed on Bitsonic. The listing date will be announced after the private sale closes.

If you have any questions about this private sale, please contact info@mind.ai, or join our Telegram.

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