Mind AI partners with CoinPayments to develop an AI-assisted asset management platform

CoinPayments is the world’s largest altcoin payment gateway

SEOUL, November 20, 2018 — Mind AI, Inc. and CoinPayments, Inc. have entered a strategic partnership to implement the world’s first asset management assistant powered by Mind AI’s human-like reasoning engine. CoinPayments CEO Alex Alexandrov has also made an investment into Mind AI’s private token sale.

The world of asset management is heavily dominated by algorithms that analyze financial data only based on numbers, but ignoring other indicators that come through the nuances of natural language. CoinPayments and Mind AI are collaborating to bring a human-like reasoning engine into this mix to supplement the traditional numeric analysis with an AI that can interpret the context and nuance of natural language.

“CoinPayments has been one of the first movers in the crypto space, addressing the huge demand for a system that could handle payment processing with cryptocurrencies,” said Alex Alexandrov, CEO of CoinPayments. “In the same way, I see Mind AI as the leader in the next generation of AI technology, and believe its technology can add immense value in the long run.”

This partnership marks Mind AI’s first real-world application of its groundbreaking technology in the world of finance. Working closely with the CoinPayments team will accelerate the growth of Mind AI’s ontology database in the financial realm, specifically focused on concepts related to asset management and cryptocurrencies.

Most current applications of AI in asset management are limited to sentiment analysis. This partnership will be an opportunity for Mind AI expand beyond analyzing sentiment in natural language to actually reading, understanding, and reasoning with natural language to help make better investment and management decisions.

“Asset management is a space where we believe Mind AI can quickly make a large impact,” said Paul Lee, M.D., CEO and cofounder of Mind AI. “By working with the CoinPayments team, we’ll be able to create a proof of concept for the asset management space that we can use as a framework for other applications.”

About Mind AI:

Mind AI is a next generation artificial intelligence engine capable of human-like reasoning. Its revolutionary and internationally patented data structures allow Mind AI to reason using natural language, even when the text contains incomplete data. For more information, please visit https://mind.ai.

About CoinPayments:

CoinPayments is the first altcoin payment processor that’s grown to over 1.4 million accounts across 182 countries. With hundreds of altcoins supported on their platform, CoinPayments leads the way in furthering the adoption of cryptocurrencies. https://www.coinpayments.net

For more information on Mind AI, please visit https://mind.ai or email info@mind.ai for additional assistance or to coordinate an interview about this announcement.

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