Mind AI team members share what tasks they can’t wait to outsource to AI

We could all use a little daily help

At Mind AI, we’re pretty excited about the third wave of AI. We’ve thought a lot about the kind of AI we’d like to have in our lives. Some of us are looking for superhuman insight and guidance, and some of us are just looking to get out of chores we suck at.

We asked our core team members, “What’s the one task that you wish a personal AI assistant could do for you right now?

Take a look at their answers and let us know what kind of tasks you’d like some AI help with in the comments or on Twitter.

Paul Lee

Paul Lee, M.D., CEO and Founder

Going to the bank and all banking related tasks. Managing assets — AI should definitely be better than the humans I use currently :)
John Doe

John Doe, Chief Scientist

Research Assistant. Every time I think of something — anything — I would want it to look up everything about what it might do and if it fits anywhere with what we’re currently working on, beyond the cursory look I might give it.
Reeyan Lee

Reeyan Lee, Chief Technical Officer

HR related work — research and make summary reports, job postings, candidate screening, meeting scheduling & coordination, and online shopping for supplies.
Isaac Bang

Isaac Bang, Project Lead

I’d like an AI/AGI that could do a complete analysis of me, including my DNA, personality, intelligence, speech, taste in movies/music/etc, habits, hobbies, decision making, etc., and provide the best, personalized routines for me. For example, it uses my DNA sequence, diet, and health info to recommend the best type of workout routines for my wellness. It uses my background, my personality, my prior experience, and more to recommend what type of work or projects I should do to maximize results for both myself and the company.
Eric Kim

Eric Kim, Director of Finance

I want AI to scan my body and check my nutrition level and biorhythm everyday. Then, prepare my meals according to the nutrition needs from the scan results.
Danver Chandler

Danver Chandler, Director of Community

I would like AI to analyze the entire scope of my DNA sequence, and then plan meals to maintain optimal health so I am a little closer to helping to ensure I age well.

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