Mind AI Use Case Competition Winners

A few months ago, we held a competition to see what use case ideas our community could come up with. All of the submissions and ideas were great, and it was definitely tough choosing the top 4. Without further ado, here are the four winners of the Mind AI use case competition!

First Place Winner — “Retail Assistant” by son_BTC (2,000 OMAI)

“If Mind AI collaborates with nucleus vision and deploy in major retail stores like chrome store, reliance digital, etc, they would harness the usage of both cryptocurrency and data analysis in consumer life, since NV is already in data consumption/analysis, Mind AI could add the major benefit of AI and make process more simple and quick!

Imagine a consumer walking in clothing store, while nucleus vision would get the details of customers using NFC, Mind AI could pull out the details of consumer expenses habit, prior taste and choice variability! Making retailer a great boon of consumer taste and could serve better.

Also, both coins could benefit and provide complementary service to each other, since nucleus vision is already a established player in major Asian countries and particularly India and expanding further, also Tim draper is supporting/invested in nucleus vision , so the brand awareness of Mind AI could increase.”

Our input: We loved this use case mainly because this similar use case is something we’ve been thinking of for a while, and have established the strategic partnerships in e-commerce and retail to make it happen. Personalization is a must when it comes to any type of assistant tools, including a shopping assistant. Whatever other tools Mind AI works with in the future, we believe that we can use our contextualization abilities to better serve each individual.

Second Place Winner — “AML” by Claudio (1,000 OMAI)

“AML swarm Intelligence! In the money laundering detection a lot of unstructured data is used. E.g. reports from the branches of the banks about suspicious clients, investigator decisions about further investigation on a client, documents about the decisions to report a client to the authorities, etc. If you would bring these information to Mind AI the investigator could use the “swarm intelligence” of all investigators and decisions made additionally to the classical data about the clients (client master, transactions, account) to identify a real criminal. Benefits: Due to the fact that approx. just 5% of all money laundering activities are detected there is a huge potential for improvement. New methodologies have to be taken into consideration. At the end the society benefits from less criminal activities!”

Our input: One of the main strengths of Mind AI is its ability to work with unstructured and incomplete data. Using this strength, combined with crowdsourced ontologies, to fight crime will be amazing.

Third Place Winner — “Cyber Attacks” by ai_cuni (500 OMAI)

“AI that can rewrite its own algorithm and mutate in order to prevent cyber attacks. Cyber attacks are getting more frequent each passing day, and more frequently now to steal the cryptocurrencies. We should have an Antivirus powered by the AI. The AI must monitor the firewalls constantly and can rewrite the codes if there is an attack to prevent it from happening, and alert the person with a notification or a SMS. If the firewall is changing constantly than it’s difficult to proceed with the hack. And if there is needed the AI can switch off the internet connection.”

Our input: Cyber security is a broad field and while AI tools can certainly help many tasks related to prediction, prevention, detection, response, and monitoring, it’s often extremely complex to apply narrow AI tools toward more general aspects of security. In the future when Mind AI is beginning to acquire more domain specific knowledge, it will be able to use its reasoning capabilities to help evaluate and even reinvent ways to apply other AI systems toward a more comprehensive security system.

Fourth Place Winner — “Translations” by kris_249 (300 OMAI)

“A real time translator to communicate when you go in vacation or business trips. This is everybody’s dream. Going in vacation or business trips and have no problems to communicate with the locals. You should have some kind of ear Bluetooth and a microphone on the shirt. When the ear Bluetooth hears words different from what you have said to be your native language, then it translates automatically in your ear. And you put an foreign language on your Phone and every word you say will be translated and transmitted out loud by the device. A little like what they use on Star Trek.”

Our input: Dealing with natural language is our forte. Language translations can get difficult even for multi-lingual humans, as each language has its own linguistic and cultural nuances. Certain expressions won’t make sense when translated literally, word for word. Mind AI understands the phrases it reads and understands the context of the language. This means that as long as it has the necessary ontologies in the other language its translating in, Mind AI will be able to convey the same context when the phrase is translated.

We’d like to thank everyone who participated, and hope to see all of these ideas come to fruition. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to reach out to us on our Telegram Channel or email us!