50 Powerful & Positive I Am Affirmations List For Daily Success, Self Love and Money

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List of Positive Affirmations To Help You Achieve Your Goals

Today there’s no doubt that positive i am affirmations can be extremely powerful. Doesn’t matter if you are in need of love or money, the various “i am affirmations” can totally alter your reality and present you with a new one.

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You can’t be the new you unless you feel the ‘New You!’

Have you ever felt very low? Did negative thoughts try to change your mind? Then this i am affirmations list is for you! You will find out how to create rewarding self image by using a list of positive affirmations.

Every one of us will undergo a phase in life where we feel low, and at that time we need someone who can able to push us. During those times, you will blame every person and your surrounding circumstances and it’s then that the negative thoughts will entirely take over you. But this is the time you need to develop a positive self image, and you need to encourage yourself.

What are I Am Affirmations?

I Am Affirmations are positive, powerful statements that you can repeat to yourself in the morning, and these daily affirmations will help you to stay motivated. Also they will change your limiting beliefs and have the power to make you “actually” feel the words that you say. If you are looking for a way to manifest your dream life, then these affirmations will help you.

Even money affirmations which are discussed later in this article can solve your financial issues and help you get rid of debts.

If you are thinking about why to use affirmations then here is the reason. Most of us have faced a situation where we can’t listen to our inner thoughts, and there is too much confusion or uncertainty in our minds. So, practicing powerful affirmations will help you to trust yourself, and you can reach your goals far more effectively without a pinch of self doubt.

Do Positive Self Affirmations Work? How Powerful Are they?

In most cases, positive self affirmation or daily I am affirmations will work, but according to recent studies and reports, it has been shown that the daily affirmations will bring a positive impact only to the people who have high self-esteem. That is why they say that having self love and high esteem is very important for growth.

So, if you’re a person who is having low self-esteem, then saying positive affirmation won’t help you. You need to have a high self esteem and belief in the process first. There are various types of positive affirmations which you can use as per your requirements.

Here are some lists of positive affirmations to help you succeed in every sphere of life.

Positive Self Love I am


  1. I believe that I am unique in all the way and nothing can replace me
  2. I will accept that I have a bitter past but I will make sure that my past won’t define me
  3. I believe that the joy and love life offered to me is worthy of it
  4. I will unconditionally love myself, and I am allowed to feel good about myself
  5. I am completely in peace with myself, and I respect and honor all the decision which is made by me
  6. I am forgiving, gentle with myself, and with my mistakes
  7. I am surround by the right group of supportive and positive people, so that they can bring the best version of me
  8. I live my life with joy and confidence, as my life is the greatest gift to me
  9. I will step into my inner power, by releasing the limiting beliefs
  10. I always listen to my inner feelings, and I will express them when I need to

Money Affirmations

  1. I am able to attract money
  2. I am able to make money easily
  3. I attract money effortlessly and easily
  4. I am always financially stable
  5. I have an endless flow of money
  6. I earn enough money
  7. I am always generous
  8. I control the money and not the other way round
  9. I will use money as a tool that will take my life to better
  10. I will get money, as I deserve a prosperous life
  11. Wherever I go in the world, money flows to me freely
  12. I won’t get scared of the financial crisis because I have a plan
  13. Money will come into my life in both the expected and unexpected ways
  14. I can overcome any kind of money obstacles that will come into my way
  15. I have the ability to control my financial state now so that I can enjoy an easy life later
  16. I can spend money on the things which matters to me the most
  17. The financial choices which I am making today will help to build a life that I desire the most

Dream and Goals Affirmations

  1. I will set clear goals and will take action towards achieving my goal
  2. I will maintain strong will powers so that my habits can be easily changed
  3. Creativity flows inside of me as my mind is clear and focussed
  4. I am creative and also unlimited
  5. I believe in myself

Love Affirmations

  1. I love the way I am
  2. I receive love openly and freely
  3. I deserve love and peace
  4. I am ready for a healthy relationship
  5. I’m very satisfied in a fun relationship with a partner who loves me deeply
  6. I am in a wonderful relationship where my partner respects me and treats me equal
  7. The universe is searching for the most wonderful and fulfilling love for me
  8. I will find love wherever I go
  9. My love relationships are fulfilling
  10. I am only attracted to healthy relationships

Positive I am Affirmations for Women

  1. I embrace myself of being a woman, and all the women in the world
  2. The greatest gift in the universe which I received is being a woman
  3. The beautiful part of being a woman is that I combine femininity and intelligence
  4. I am confident with my sexuality
  5. I am appreciating the female cycles which are experienced by my body

These positive I am affirmations for women work extremely well if they are used daily.

Health Affirmations

  1. I am filled with a lot of energy which is needed for doing daily activities of my life
  2. I care for my body, and the body cares for me
  3. The older I get, the healthier I become
  4. I am becoming better in each and every way
  5. I am healthy and it makes me happy
  6. My mind is at peace and in my control
  7. My body is working towards the perfect health
  8. I deserve to be healthy and happy
  9. My body feels perfect with me
  10. I am committing myself to a healthier life

Daily Affirmations for Success

  1. I will try to achieve all my goals, and I will trust myself that I have all the capability which is required to achieve the goals
  2. For me, the world is full of endless opportunities
  3. I consider the challenges which I face in my life as an opportunity to grow and improve
  4. The contributions which I make to achieve my goal will be unique and meaningful
  5. I have the power that I can attract the things which I want
  6. I am succesful in whatever I do

Joy and Happiness Affirmations

  1. I am committed and will make sure to live joy and happy life
  2. I will have a most amazing day as I will have all the happiness, love, and positive energy which is required for today
  3. I can able to recognize the blessing in my life, and each day my life is filled with joy
  4. I will attract only to the energies and situations which will give joy to me
  5. The positive thoughts will help to nourish my body, and also helps me to radiate joy to the others
  6. I am happy with myself and being myself
  7. My inner joy is the key to all the good things in my life
  8. I am a radiant and joyous person
  9. I deserve to live a happy life
  10. I experience happiness in all the things I do

Powerful Affirmations for Spirituality

  1. The universe will always hold my back
  2. The wisdom of the entire universe lives inside of me. I am more than what I feel, see, and think
  3. The universe will guide me divinely on everything and anything
  4. The thoughts, actions, and words of me are divinely guided and protected
  5. I am immensely blessed, as all is well in my life


  1. In every situation, I will stand up for myself, and I believe that I truly feel kindness with me
  2. I’m worthy of all the good things in the world, as I am strong and courageous
  3. If I want to see a better version of myself, then I need to come out of the comfort zone
  4. I will radiate confidence within me and to the others
  5. I am brave enough to ask anything for me

Body Positivity

  1. I accept myself the way I’m. My body is ideal the way it is.
  2. I love to fill every inch of my skin with the warmth of love, and I will allow embracing it
  3. My body is the biggest responsibility for me, and I will do anything which is best for my body, and only for me
  4. I will consider my body as a tremendous gift and I will make sure to treat my body with kind and love
  5. I am at peace with my body parts

Affirmations to Increase Confidence

  1. I can face all the challenges of my life with strength
  2. I always believe in my talents and skills
  3. Every single new day, I am becoming more confident which is turning me into a stronger and wiser person
  4. I am the captain of my ship so I will guide my life
  5. There are no such things called failure in my life, it is only experiences

Relationships and Love Affirmations

  1. In my relationship, my communication will be full of honesty and compassion
  2. I’ll be surrounded by people who can spread positive energy to me, and also who lift my energy
  3. I love infinitely, and I am infinitely loved
  4. I will practice and show kindness and love to the people who surround me
  5. I am very much thankful for all the lovable and beautiful relationships in my life

Affirmations to Make You More Generous and Kind

  1. I will treat others with a soft and kind-hearted nature
  2. I will speak only the kind words
  3. Being a kind person is the greatest reward of life
  4. It is always easy for me to be kind
  5. Wherever I go I will perform only kind acts

Affirmations to Bring Everlasting Peace

  1. I will always choose to have a peaceful day
  2. I will practice calm and relax in every situation
  3. I will remain in peace with me and with the world
  4. I breathe peace, live peace, and feel peace
  5. Being peaceful is my priority

Affirmations to Make You a More Forgiving Person and thus Release Negative Energy

  1. I acknowledge my faults and will forgive myself
  2. I don’t prefer self-hatred
  3. It is easy for me to forgive others
  4. Self-forgiveness is the best choice
  5. Forgiveness is not about forgetting, it is about moving on

In recent years, technology has developed so much that many machines and instruments have been designed to treat humans. But in your low times, none of these technologies will help you, and the only thing which will help you is your words. The unknown truth is that your words have the power to change your inner thoughts into action.

Few Last Words

These powerful, positive self affirmations will help you if you practice them daily, and also it will help your brain to re-program. It is common to get limiting thoughts and beliefs, so use these affirmations as a tool to get rid of the annoying, negative thoughts, and move towards a positive change.



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