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Creative Visualization — Learn All About The Benefits And The Power Of Visualization

Creative Visualization is a fantastic way of gaining the life you desire. Learn all about the benefits and the power of visualization.Visualizing is a technique used to create a picture or movie of an event or situation you desire to become your reality.

This technique used to create either wealth, health or even the perfect relationship. But it must be done correctly!But why do I need Creative Visualization? Why not just think about whatever I want and wait for it to turn up?

You have by now learned that your life’s events and situations are the result of your past dominant thoughts. What do I mean by dominant thoughts? Thoughts you have focused on for any length of time and intensity.

So from that information you also know that to have events and situations that you long for, you only have to think about them long enough for them to become your dominant thought. Easy! Right?Well, for most people the reality is not that easy. In fact, it can be far from easy.

You might decide that you want to own a new car. So you spend the day consciously thinking of owning a new car.But then there’s a problem at work that needs your attention and you forget to consciously keep the new car as your dominant thought.The next day you start out with all the right intentions, thinking about that new car, but once again life throws up one of its little problems.

The next day’s the same and the next, and before you know where you are the weeks gone by and you’ve hardly given the new car any thought at all.Sound familiar? Yep, thought so! It probably describes you, and most of the population to a tee. All good intentions but little or no progress.

The reason for this is simple. You have to consciously think this new thought. It is a far cry from your normal way of thinking which is to think of all the things you don’t want. That’s easy; you can do that without any effort.

Your conscious mind has so many other things to think about during the day. In fact it never stops thinking. So how do you get it to think about something you choose, long enough to become a dominant thought. Simple! Use the Power of Visualization!

Creative Visualization is a technique that has been used by Sports Psychologists for many years. They are aware of the power of visualization and the benefits it can bring.

The Psychologists found that by instructing an athlete to relax and run a race through in his mind, visualising himself crossing the finishing line first, would improve his performance immensely.They even found when they connected the athlete to biofeedback equipment that the muscles used to run a race fired up exactly the same way even when they only visualized running race.

Many people have difficulty with this and say they just can’t visualize. But this really isn’t the case, we can all visualize some of us just don’t realise it. For example. Try not to think of your boss, or your parents!

Well? You couldn’t help it could you! You had a picture of them flash across your mind. Well that is Visualization as a static picture. Static pictures don’t work as well as moving pictures, so just try and add a bit of movement to them. The more movement, colour, sound and emotion you add the better the result will be. Always visualize a positive end result.



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