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Learn The Law of Attraction Secret

Learning to live the Law of Attraction (or “The Secret) is a lifelong process of learning about your unconscious thoughts and how they create your reality. The latest movie “The Secret” brings the concept to the mainstream but there is so much more that goes into the process that can’t be talked about in one short movie. In fact they didn’t reveal any secret!

The Law of Attraction is nothing really new. It has been around since the beginning of time. All it is saying is that our thoughts (beliefs) create our reality. It is not only our conscious thoughts but our unconscious thoughts that do all the work. Our unconscious thoughts are made known through our feelings. Many others have said this before and many are still teaching it today.

Wallace Wattles and his book “The Science of Getting Rich” was one of the first who really put it all together in a book. (There could be others too.) Jung says it in his famous quote “What is unconscious becomes our fate”. Napoleon Hill talked about it in “Think and Grow Rich”. The list goes on and you can actually explore each one in the history, living the LOA and current teachers sections.

Studying and learning about law of attraction is a process because we are after all human and most of our thoughts are unconscious which is the problem — they are unconscious! So we have to rely on positive affirmations to help us with the process.

Since the movie came out and the speakers ended up on Oprah and all of the other shows, the thing that struck me the most is that people who need it the most won’t be able to have access to it as most of the teachers in “The Secret” charge high fees for their workshops. The biggest thing that is missing in “The Secret” is how do you become conscious of all of your unconscious beliefs that are holding you back from achieving what you desire. They also focus so much on learning to get what you want as far as material and even relationship gains rather than figuring out what “God” (or whatever you call the universal life force — your spirit, your soul, your higher being ) want for you?

So as I have studied and learned to apply these things, I like to write about them. This is a website about my experience and understanding of the “law of attraction” and creating the life that you were meant to have.



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