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Manifesting Right Now!

We’ve been experimenting with different techniques on manifesting and have come up with something that has been working very well.

It is said that a prayer, program, thought etc. never goes unanswered weather we realize it or not. For years my manifesting would almost always work but it would come about anywhere from 6 to 12 months later and just because of time, situations would have changed. Jesus and all of the Greats manifested immediately. How did they do that? Well, try this experimental technique that we are using to accelerate manifestation.

At least once a week mark on your calendar something that happened that week that you can remember very clearly. After a year (yeah I know no one wants to wait that long but if you journal now, use that.) you will have a reference date for any time period in the last year.

When you need to manifest something today!!! go to your calendar/journal a year prior to today’s date and read what you were doing and mentally get into everything about that day and pretend (visualize) that a year from now (today) you want to manifest whatever you need today. See it, feel it, and know it will happen just as you programed…NO DOUBT. Come on back to reality and you will be amazed how fast your manifestation will appear.

To make it short, go back in time 9 months to a year and program your manifestation for today.

Practice this on a mini scale the next time you have to go to WalMart or mall. As you are leaving your driveway pretend (visualize) that it is yesterday. Pretend that you can see into the future (tomorrow, really today) and you are going to WalMart / Mall. See an empty parking space right up in front of the store and you are pulling into it. Come back to reality and park up front when you get there. You will never envy not having a handicap sticker again. :-)



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