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Southampton — The Ideal First Port Of Call For Holiday Cruises

Southampton, one of the United Kingdom’s largest ports, has long been synonymous with cruise travel. Today, cruise ships from many different companies, including those run by Swan Hellenic, Fred Olsen and Thomson, still sail in and out of its famous Eastern and Western Docks. Two major cruise operators, P&O Cruises and Cunard Cruises even have their headquarters in Southampton.

The large volume of worldwide cruises commencing from this great city (P&O cruises from Southampton alone number 120 each year) attracts a great number of holidaymakers. Many are fortunate beneficiaries of the generous cruise deals companies such as P&O are able to offer potential customers (P&O cruise deals are particularly welcome by those on a budget who are booking a mini cruise or a city break cruise).

Others find themselves planning a Southampton cruise simply because its wide range of destinations — from locations in Europe through to the United States of America, the Caribbean and Africa — make it the ideal place to begin the cruise holiday of a lifetime.

Indeed, if holidaymakers have a day or two in hand prior to the start of their cruise, their holiday will often feel like it has started even before they step on board; as well as two major live music and theatrical venues — the Mayflower Theatre and the Guildhall — Southampton also boasts historic architecture and museums; famous art galleries; exciting nightlife; and exquisite hotels and restaurants.

With the cruise terminals just over two miles from Southampton Central train station, and with Southampton Airport close by, Southampton is a the city that many holidaymakers find convenient to return to again and again for their cruise holidays. In addition, for those travelling to Southampton by car, the specialist private company, Cruise and Passenger Services, together with some of the larger hotels, also offers secure long-term parking facilities.



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