Ten Secret Ways to Manifest Anything Quickly.

Peter Paxton
May 7 · 5 min read

Hard work is the key.

Judicious action.

Release of positive energy.

Clarity on our desires.

It is natural on our part to act impatient for something we eagerly seek for. And it is no secret that everybody like to speed things up. Similarly, manifesting our goals and dreams would make us fuss over the longevity it may take for us to reach our destination. But abiding by the Law of Attraction would help us manifest our ways comparatively faster.

We shall now look into some tactics that would smooth our path for our manifestation. To be specific, we are going to discuss ten secrets to attain manifestation.

1. Using The Right Manifesting Tools.

There are several tools pertaining to the Law of Attraction that can help us out in attracting our dreams. And these when used accurately can definitely help us manifest faster. However, it is important to come to terms that these manifesting tools may indeed be of support, but the tools alone will not suffice to manifest our dream. This more of acts as an additional tool to our hard work.

2. Attaining Clarity On What We Really Desire.

It is important to note that in relation to the application of the Law of Attraction, the more clarity we achieve with what we wish for, the faster we could manifest things. People who have been practicing this tactic, have received their share of outcome. And being specific in approach makes the process easier.

3. Decluttering Every Area Of Our Life.

To manifest successfully and quickly, we must first work on abundance blocks. There are several abundance blocks, which includes inner things like feelings or beliefs, and also the outer things like one’s environment or the people we spend our time with, for instance.

There may be several blocks surrounding around the goals of an individual, which needs clearance. And If we want to speed up our manifestation process, we should definitely work on the blocks that could hold us off from that one specific dream which is dear to us.

4. Getting Over The Abundance Block Called Fear.

We definitely need to clear the abundance blocks that act as an impediment to our dreams. But the initial and the important block to tackle with is overcoming fear.

Fear, along with limiting beliefs, is a crucial blockage that keeps us away from our goals. Fear is basically an imagination of something which hasn’t really happened to us and most likely never will. But this imaginative and overthinking factor keeps us from stepping ahead. So, if we are serious about manifesting, and wish to manifest our goals faster, then we should definitely face our fears and overcome them in no time. At the least, we need to accept them and move on.

5. Practicing That Art Of Gratitude & Generosity.

Expressing gratitude and generosity for anything around, attracts us more to abundance. This is pivotal in relation to manifesting our goals. Hence, we need to let our subconscious mind be aware of our generous and gratitude filled nature, which in return our subconscious mind will do everything to keep us gratified by enlightening us with things which makes us happier and more contended with our life.

6. Becoming A Better Version Of Oneself.

This point is quite crucial to the argument. Our success and specifically our manifestation for our dreams, highly depends on how much of an effort we are willing to put into. Since the Law of Attraction is not a magical process which will deliver us our result easily. We need to drive our complete attention and work hard for it; then will we meet our ends. And our actions are central to the entire process. We need to make ourselves better with each passing day, and guide our attention to our goal.

7. Living In The Present.

We humans often have the tendency to overlook our present in manifesting our goals faster. We either dwell in our future or reside in our past, but the present is left vacant. We need to put this in our mind that until and unless we concentrate on our present, we can never shape our future. Our present actions create our future.

8. Finding Our ‘Why’.

Our focus on our goals is only limited to the question of ‘What’. We have the tendency to know what we want in relation to the dreams we tend to achieve, but hardly do we dwell over the question of ‘Why’. ‘What’’ is often answered, but ‘Why’ is left behind. The question surrounding ‘Why’ is also powerful. Our quest for finding our ‘Why’ can shed us more clarity about our ‘What’.

The question surrounding ‘Why’ gives us deeper reasons to ponder over. For instance, if we wish to buy some books, there might be simpler responses to ‘What’ sort of collection we may wish to read. But the question ‘Why’ tends to answer the deeper aspect of the reason which makes us read the books.

9. Staying Positive.

Positivity is very central to the Law of Attraction, as emphasized earlier. This positivity helps us attain our dreams with the utmost happiness, which makes us perceive things under the logical banner, making it more reasonable for us. And working on this aspect of the Law can help us manifest our dream faster.

10. Open To Receive.

After having identified and mastered the abundance blocks, we become open to our dreams. In addition, opening oneself to the universe can get us more of what we wish for, but only if we signal it to our subconscious mind of how ready we are.

We must not consider the Law of Attraction a mere process of thought and belief in attracting our reality. There’s much more to the law than one can actually perceive. Simply sitting and dreaming would get us nowhere. Instead, working towards our goal by taking judicious actions can get us to the path. And for the faster manifestation of dreams and goals, it would require much more labour on our part. Nothing comes without any hard work, and hence this Law is no exception.

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Mind Altar is all about recognizing yourself and connecting our souls with the universe — for the highest good of everyone.