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The Law Of Non Resistance What You Resist Persists

The Law of Non-Resistance is the law that is easily overlooked and violated.The law of non resistance is the law that can help you to learn how to resist temptation in your daily life.

On thing like resisting how to resist temptation of eating food that you don’t want t eat food that makes you fat.Or how to resist temptation of cheating or lust

The law of non resistance is such a powerful law that robs you of your rights and inheritance by playing mind games with your conscious mind.

If you find yourself facing resistance you should know that you are on the right track.

When you react you lose when you respond you win.

Law of non resistance Is a powerful law that sadly manages to rule our world every time when we resist what we don’t want in our lives it persists if your problem is resisting fattening food then just listen to Bop proctor and learn more on how to resist temptation.

Bop Proctor is the master and great philosopher of the power of the mind he offers you the keys of unlocking your wisdom and eternal peace on how to handle the law of non resistance.

And be a winner and let the law of success work in your favour he’s got 12 online digital CDs all lined up for your wealth and prosperity in all aspects of your life including the law of non resistance CD.

The law of non resistanceis a powerful force that overrides the law of thinking but the good news is that can be easily overcome through the right training of your mind.

The difference between reacting and responding is this, reacting is a habit but when you respond you have to think and whenever you put bad you instantly get it back.This cant be further away from the truth it is very easy to Attract negative situation and manifest them .

The minute you think and talk about something you don’t want or like you just find yourself doing exactly that you had sworn you will never do.But when it comes to doing good you find that it is a bit difficult to attract good in your life without putting a lot of effort .

Take for example how difficult it is to stop smoking ,every time when you resist smoking you irresistibly find yourself reaching for a fag and worst you fond yourself smoking more that you usually smoke .

The secret here is to just let go don’t resist if you still find yourself reaching for a cigarette or going to fast food restaurants then let Bop Proctor guide you with the 11 forgotten laws cd 8 programme.



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