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The Power Of Change Or How To Lift Any Jinx And Change Your Life Forever

Feeling stuck? It’s such a common experience, we may be tempted to consider it normal. But it isn’t. In fact, stagnancy is anathema to the very nature of the Universe and All-That-Is.

Even people already acquainted with certain elements of this “You-Create-Your-Own-Reality” consciousness can find themselves paralyzed by the realization that their uncontrolled thoughts, complaints, and urges are the determinants of the shape of their lives yet to come.

It can be terribly frightening to realize that what you put your intention on is what will be. Who has the discipline to completely erase all negative thoughts, compulsions, etc. from their minds? None of us, as far as we know. So what are we to do? Are we doomed to play the victims to our uncontrolled fantasies and darkest nightmares?

Of course not. This isn’t a case of “You’ve made your bed. Now you must lie in it.” That is, unless you leave it that way. But you can change the sheets and pillowcases anytime you want. You can flip the mattress, you can move the bed around, you can throw out the darn thing and buy yourself a whole new one.

You may have heard it said somewhere before that the only thing that ever stays the same is, nothing ever stays the same. The only universal constant is change. The Universe is always in motion.

So if your experiences, the life that you lead and the life situations that you face, are all based on your thoughts, your expectations, and your beliefs, then the way to change your life situations, your experiences, the way to change your life, is to change your thoughts, expectations , and beliefs.

You’re free to change your mind, to replace a negative, undesirable thought with a positive, desirable one. Nothing is ever written in stone. Nothing.

If you’re climbing a ladder and suddenly you picture yourself falling, you’re not automatically doomed to fall. Not unless you continue to feed that anxiety. But saving yourself from such a fall is as simple as thinking a new thought. One that involves you confidently remaining safely on the ladder. And if your undisciplined mind keeps flitting back to pictures of you falling, you just keep replacing them in the next moment with pictures of you staying right where you are.

There are no jinxes except those that are left unshifted, no patterns or cycles or curses but those that are left unbroken. In every moment you have absolute freedom to harness the power of change, to think a new thought and, in doing so, reverse a whole lifetime of negativity.

So whether you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, under a jinx, trapped in a vicious pattern, or simply doomed to suffer an awful fate you’ve suddenly allowed to enter your undisciplined mind, just change it, and if it comes back, change it again (rinse and repeat) as often as needed. To change your life forever just change your mind, one thought, one moment at a time.



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