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Use Positive Words Along With Positive Thoughts To Overcome A Negative Attitude

Using positive words and positive thoughts is a great way to to overcome a negative attitude that has developed over the years.

Positive thinking is the natural state of every human being, you where born to think positive thoughts. You might find this really hard to believe because of where you are in your life right now. But, it is true!

Look at it this way, when you where a toddler and learning to walk did you think to yourself, “I can’t handle this, I keep falling down. I just don’t think this walking lark is for me!”

No of course you didn’t — you had no doubts about walking at all! You did fall down, plenty of times, and probably hurt yourself on a couple of occasions, but each time you got up again and again and tried harder.

When you where a toddler you didn’t compare yourself with other toddlers, your parents might well have done, but you learnt to walk because you wanted to walk and you knew deep down that you could.

It was the same with talking! So why is it later in life whenever we fall down, metaphorically speaking, we sometimes end up staying down!Because elsewhere along the way we lost that ability to use positive words and positive thoughts! This is why so many people end up with a negative attitude in life.

Ask yourself this question right now! Are you a positive or negative thinker?Not sure? Let’s put it another way, do you see the glass as half full or half empty?

Someone who uses positive thinking will see the glass as half full!I’ve to be honest here and admit, for as long as I can remember I saw the glass as half empty. I was not a positive thinker using positive words, I was a negative thinker with a negative attitude.

I am in my early fifties now, but it has taken me more than forties years to be able to admit that.I first became aware of haveing a negative attitude when I was in my late teens or early twenties and in the work place. I became aware of the fact because I was told it by my managers.

I was working as a salesman, or should I say trying to be a salesman, and my Sales Manager would often tell me that my negative attitude was getting in the way of making the sale.

Did I embrace this new found advice and work to overcome the problem?No I decided to deny it, and later on I found ways to justify it. I actually formed the opinion that it was better to have a negative attitude so that if any bad thing happened I would be prepared for it, and if it didn’t happen then it was a bonus.

How sad is that?

Well, not as sad as the fact that I held this opinion for years, decades even.

I just could not allow myself to look at a situation in a positive way because I couldn’t take the disappointment if and when it didn’t turn out as I had wanted.I dare say for those who use positive words and thoughts you are probably clutching your sides in laughter at this, and I don’t blame you.

Positive words and positive thoughts come naturally to some people.

But the sad truth is the world is split into two groups, positive thinkers and negative thinkers. Those of you who are positive thinkers cannot understand why the negative thinkers think and act the way they do.

I do understand though! My journey from thinking negatively to positively has been a long hard and often bumpy ride. Even to this day I have the occasional lapse. So this page is written for those who look at life with a negative attitude.What are Positive Words and Positive Thoughts?

Well, being a little facetious, it’s the complete opposite of how you have thought all these years!Sorry, although that is probably technically true, it is a little bit over simplified.

To think positively literally means you use positive words and think positive thoughts about a situation or event. You look for a positive outcome, one that you would be happy with.It is a mental attitude that expects only the best and favourable results.

This is a Can Do attitude. It is a way of thinking that will help and encourage you to make all sorts of advancements in you life and career.

Thinking positively is what taught you to walk, to talk, to ride a bike to achieve all the things that you wanted in life.So what are Positive Words?Just replacing words like I can’t with I can and I will can make all the difference.It really is that simple!

Learn to stop and listen to the thoughts going through your mind at any given moment, all too often you will realise that your thoughts are creating a negative attitude. Just stop those thoughts and change them with Positive Words like I can do that, I will finish this!



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