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You Must Be Dreaming

Your dreams are part of your reality. As purely energetic beings, there are far more similarities between our waking and dreaming realities than there are differences. Our thoughts create our experiences and our feelings indicate our level of alignment with those experiences.

In dreams, however, unlike in waking life, our ego-directed conscious thinking mind is turned off. This means that in dreams the manifestation of our thoughts comes quicker and more intensified than in waking reality. The time delay between when we have the thought and when it’s actualized in our present reality is decreased, as is the amount of attention required from you to make it so.

Think of your dreams than as the sneak preview of the movie of your life.

  • If you don’t like something that appears or occurs in your dreams, recognize first that you created it, then do what you need to create a shift in your thoughts that replaces those unwanted elements with wanted ones;
  • If you do like your dreams just as they are — if they feel good to you — then take that as a signal to keep doing what you’re doing, thinking what you’re thinking, and prepare to have that good-feeling dream manifest itself in your waking life.

Your dreams are you Coming Attractions. If you like the preview, stay right where you are. If you don’t like it, however, then get up and change theaters; get a ticket to a different movie instead.

The best time recall your dreams is in the morning, immediately upon waking, while still lying down in bed. As soon as you get up, thoughts of the day, of yesterday, of tomorrow start racing in to fill up your brain. You may suddenly recall a tidbit of a dream during the day, but if you’re trying to harness the messages you’re getting from your dreams, the best way to do that is to try to recall them as soon as you awaken.

And don’t worry if you can’t remember all of it; you probably can’t. Dreams are like that. Just trust that what you do recall is what resonates strongest for you (whether positively or negatively) and therefore that aspect of your consciousness that seeks the most attention at this moment.

If you can’t recall any elements of your dreams, see if you can’t at least tap in to how your dreams felt. If you get a good sense about your dreams, then you can feel confident that you are already well in line with your Source of fulfillment. If you get a bad feeling when you try to remember your dreams of the previous night, you can take that as a sign that some of your dominating thoughts (whatever they are) are out of alignment with your desires. Once you realize that, it probably won’t be hard to identify those bad-feeling thoughts; they’ve probably been dominating your waking life too.

Now, some people may resist placing such conscious attention on their dreaming awareness; “Sleep is the only rest I get. I don’t want to make that work too.” Rectifying this dilemma is easy. Just instruct yourself before you go to bed each night to rest well and awaken refreshed and rejuvenated If you stay energetically committed to resting well and awakening refreshed and rejuvenated, then nothing that occurs while you’re asleep will negate that. You can have an active and exciting dream life and still wake up the next day feeling like you’ve gotten a great night’s rest.



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